RV Life: Nashville Baby!


Friday April 19th 2019

Day 7

Yee-haw! Today wash Nashville Day!! A place I have been wanting to go for quite some time. So fashionably so I slapped on my cowgirl boots, threw on some beloved turquoise stone jewelry and giddied on out of there.

We did not want another St. Louis incident so I called the visitor center for recommendations on rv parking in the city. Doing that here on out even thou the place she directed us to in particular did not work for us. We did find parking in the general area right in the heart of Nashville at LOT #52100. Now brace yourself RV’ers we paid $50 to park because we were taking up 2 spaces. Plus side it had plenty of room for us to maneuver and was good for 12 hours. Hella time to explore the city despite it being rainy.

Broadway Street is the happening spot where all things country was going down. In fact the longest stretch of Honky Tonk in the country. We stopped at the visitor center located in the Bridgestone Arena. Nice young lady who knew the city like the back of her hand gave us all sorts of options. Most amazing aspect downtown was kid friendly till 6pm, meaning Phoenix could go into any honky tonk bar with us and enjoy the music as well. Phoenix is not a fan of loud noises so we did not take advantage of that. We did however have an absolute blast exploring even the tiny bit of city we walked around so much so Jason and I want to make a kidless trip down here next year for our 7 year anniversary.


1st stop in honky tonk land was Jack Cawthon’s BBQ. Wonderfully delicious food served cafeteria style and surprisingly not that expensive. $41.14 included all our food, 2 overpriced beers and tip. We tried the Tennessee pork shoulder and Texas beef brisket both were so worth the wait. Jacks is a very small restaurant with a lady sitting outside handing everyone a menu as they get in line. You then go thru a cafeteria setting meaning you tell one person your meat selection, watch them chop it up tender and fresh then another your side options and pay at the end then try to make your way thru the crowded line in hopes you find a table. We went upstairs snagged one of the few remaining.


The brisket was mouthwatering!! Full bellies we headed out in the lively rainy streets. Music was flowing from every windowless area. Bars stacked 3 levels high with a different band on every one. The vibe was just awesome! They call it honky tonk central but in all honesty it was not what I imagined one to be. I picture a sea of cowboy hats and slap leather dancing. Instead Jason seemed to be the only person in a cowboy hat at the time until we happened upon our 2nd stop that was going to change all that.

Trail West Annex had an array of western wear along with deals. Walking upstairs the kid section presented itself to us and I automatically went to a cowboy hat. I put it on Phoenix and just melted. Convincing him with the fact rain could not get him when wearing it made him wear it the whole the time. I found a comfy one for myself and received 40% off our whole purchase.


Now I may be extremely biased but I was walking down the heart of Nashville with by far the cutest cowboy there was! You should have seen the women ooing and awing, hell even the guys were making comments lol. Funniest one was a Brinks driver honking his horn and giving him a thumbs up. Phoenix unfazed just kept strutting his stuff.



We noticed a bar/restaurant that didn’t have a live band and dipped in quickly for a drink, Broadway Brewhouse. Be warned drinks are expensive here, small glass of Bacardi and lemonade was $9!! By small glass I mean one we would use back home for a damn shot glass, INSANE. Jason and I naively did not know Wisconsin is part of a small percentage of states that has put a smoking ban in bars. Luckily this was for the most part a half and half bar. Hell there was still in today’s terms a vintage cigarette machine. Haven’t seen one of those since I was a kid.


Our 4th and final stop in Nashville, Legendairy Milkshake Bar, where milkshakes are mesmerizing with heart attacks looming. These milkshakes are one a kind creations and o so damn delicious. Jason tried the Campfire S’mores and I the Cookies and Cream. We got ours to go because lil man was reaching the end so they did not look as awesome as they would have in the mason jar.


Bellies bursting, legs aching and time ticking towards dusk plus the raindrops getting harder we headed back to our home. We are adjusting to the RV life quite smoothly so far.

Next destination was a little over 3 hours away so we hopped on the interstate to make time and sill only made it to Rockwood TN Walmart. We had tried to stop a half hour earlier at a rest stop and for the 1st time there was a guy in there actually monitoring the parking lot. Made us nervous so we treaded on down the road. Phoenix was fast asleep so we just put him up into his bed and we passed out within minutes. What a day it was!

We will be back Nashville!

Start Living

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  1. Gail says:

    Glad you liked Nashville and I hope you do come back! I’ve lived in Nashville all my life (59 years) and love it here. My sisters and I always get a little chuckle with the cowboy boots and cowboy hats among the tourists. Hardly anyone here wears them!!!! I’m not quite sure where that all got started. LOL! Your son is adorable. I enjoyed your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you! I did not realize how much of a tourist area it would be. If you have any recommendations for us please share!! My bf and I are definitely planning on coming back……kidless….


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