RV Life: Yoga and Elk


Wednesday April 17th 2019

Day 5

Phoenix and I are always the first ones up. Opted for breakfast outside with the squirrels and birds this morning. Kashi cereal with fresh berries and raisins has become our morning staple.

What I have been most excited for finally happened, yoga by the lake!! Exercising with a view just makes the workout 10x better. Got another good trail run in on the amazing trail system here. After run it was time to get to business straightening up the RV. We made quite the mess of it with all the projects yesterday. Doing dishes outside while camping is truly the only time I enjoy doing them lol.



The bathrooms at Oak Point Campground were very clean and showers spacious with no bench but water was toasty. We definitely all took our sweet time getting squeaky clean and ready to go awhile. Lets just say there is no schedule for showering on the road and the water pressure in our RV is slim to none and only used for real needed situations which often arise with a toddler 🙂

Hitting the good ole dump station on the way out along with getting our family picture with the sign, obvious tradition with most.

What our life has become……we will take it thou!


Shortly after leaving the forest we came upon a narrow bridge. Now we have been passing through a variety of bridges so far on our trip and we saw no width sign with one. When entering we both thought this must be a one way bridge, ooooo no it was not. We surprisingly made it through even passing a feed truck and only slightly damaged our passenger mirror.


Our travels for the day had us exploring Lands Between the Lakes Elk and Bison Prairie,  located in Kentucky. A quick $5 adventure. Saw a bunch of Elk, turkeys and birds but no bison. Phoenix was a bit bummed but enjoyed just getting out of the car seat. Wisconsin has been doing Elk reintroduction and those elk just happen to come from the Kentucky area. I was very lucky to see a Wisconsin herd heading back to camp a couple years back!!

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Our travels ended at a Wal-Mart in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This Walmart was very populated and busy. Bus line running thru and traffic all night. On the way here my cold hit real hard and could barely breath so broke down and actually bought something for it. Milk prices were absolutely insane to us. I have never seen milk at .98 cents in my life.


Rest of night was spent chilling in the RV with a wonderful breeze rolling through eating pizza and drinking some sweet soothing not tea.

Tomorrow awaited our 2nd National Park of the trip.

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