Huge Life Chapter Closed

The rollercoaster of emotions involved in a life changing event is not something easy to describe. Now this in not my first life changing event but seems to be the hardest and saddest so far. Rehoming all 6 of our beloved animals was challenging and heartbreaking but thankfully our family is amazingly awesome and stepped up to the plate on this one. Huge shout out to my parents for taking in 4 of our animals who we gratefully get back once home again.

Our house. You get what you pay for right well that was how it went with the house we lived in. It held a special place being it had been in the family for many many years until someone came along and finally purchased the lot from grandpa.  With new ownership and our love of the current rent price it did not see any updating.  Paying only $390 per month was one of our secrets to making this trip of a lifetime happen but trust me it came with a not so much comfort of living price.

That house though was my home since August of 2012. If the house could speak it would let you know that I did a hell of a lot of growing up in there, lost myself in a downward spiral I didn’t think I was coming out of to making a complete 180 with a vengeance. That house is where Jason and I fell in love, where we lost our daughter Angel, where we were blessed with our handsome lil man and all his firsts. Where we built a family, had all the family gatherings and that annual couch burning. Giving up the house and 1 acre lot was gut wrenching to say the least.

Jobs. Starting as a cook 4 years ago to becoming Food Service Director a year ago at the State Patrol Academy was one of my huge accomplishments but yes that is the job I temporarily forfeited for the next 6 months. Do I miss the daily stress that came with being a manager hell no but I am so grateful for the experience and knowledge that came of the position. That job helped me realize what I was capable of and what I really wanted out of life. Jason also had no issue leaving his and left on great rehire note.

Family. Here come the tears. In order to do something amazing, especially a life changing opportunity like this 6 month US journey you will have to sacrifice something. Our tear jerking sacrifice is leaving our loved ones during the “prime summer time.” Most if not all of our family gatherings obviously happen during the warmer months.  So this means no grill outs, bonfires, cornhole, or beach time with family. No swinging into my dads bait shop out of boredom to just talk. No fishing, leisure boating or kayaking with friends and family. No smores time with friends and all the kids. Taking Phoenix out of his only known zone and away from cousins and friends. The more I go on I truly hope this all ends up to be worth it. To all the family and friends who read this please know that we DO miss you on a constant and the tears are just a flowing right now but keep in mind that this journey would not have happened without your support. We love all of you!! Keep us in mind when your grilling out and tossing back a few cold ones. A Fireball cheers!

Everything I have ever been through, everything I have ever felt has brought me to this momentous moment. Nothing will ever be the same after this.

Thank you to all our supporters out there! Dreams are not without sacrifice but remember you only live one life.

Start Living.

First time these walls have sat empty.
First time these walls have sat empty. Strange feelings.


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