Week 19: A Gem Finally Discovered

Savannah Oaks hiking trail in Onalaska Wisconsin is one I have always heard about but I guess I was never intrigued enough to check it out. Man was I missing out. Located back in the hills of the “ritzy” Green Coulee region. The Trailhead is literally at the end of a very steep dead end road. I was hesitant on the road unsure if it was someone’s drive way in the beginning.

The trail starts out with a mowed path before abruptly hitting wooded area exploding with spring time green. I love that vibrant fresh green, can put anyone in a good mood. We could not get there first without Phoenix examining a purple flower.


trail startwooded

Follow this trail until you come to an intersection looking like this.


Left brings you continuously uphill to a worth it view of Onalaska. Right is all downhill towards the road. Wanting a good workout I went left up the hill to see what all the hype was about.

left turn
What left looks like.

Up, up and up we went thighs burning with the extra 40 pounds on my back. Finally starting to level out somewhat once on the ridgeline.


Take the ridgeline out the spacious view of Onalaska. Look at those rolling hills of Wisconsin, this is my no means their best showcase but they sure make the town looked nestled in.



Coming back down the hill green seemed to get even more vibrant popping every where. The green tunnel! Phoenix seemed very pleased with it and all the birds who were chattering away.

phoenixcheeseback to car


First part of the trail coming back to car looking at the view you can tell how high up you have to go. Elevation of 1,168. Highest elevation in Wisconsin is 1,952 ft.

After the hike we stopped by the farm centrally placed in this “ritzy” neighbor hood. They had a little bit of everything and Phoenix was in heaven even if we were just walking along the sidewalk and looking through the fence.




Thank you all for following along! Really hope this is inspiring/encouraging you to get outdoors hike, bike, walk, doesn’t matter what you do just get outside.

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