Week 15: Wyalusing State Park


state park sign

***Video coming soon currently having tech issues with the program I use***

We were out searching for RV’s this day for our grand adventure next year. If your curious as to what that is check out *BIG ANNOUNCEMENT*. Searching for the perfect RV seems to be a whole ordeal in itself. We needed some stress relief and figured since we were in the area why not hit up a new State Park, check another one off the list.

Wyalusing State Park is perfectly situated where the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers join forces in the southwestern part of the Badger State. Beauty on all sides is what that translates to.

We opted to try out the Bluff trail which started off at Point Lookout just after the rustic shelter. No sun was shining rather a soft comforting foggy gloom. Mother Nature was relaxed and so was I.

Let’s Hike!

Point Lookout ShelterPoint Lookout Slt 2

lookout point
Point Lookout

usus 2

We are always finding ourselves on trails with stairs luckily this particular trail just had a few sets.


daddy and phoenix

Now I don’t know if they have never updated their trail maps since putting in the newer trail and I never did stop to ask to be sure I was telling everyone the right thing but this is just what I assumed. We were following what we thought to be Bluff Trail until it lead us to this. Now we did see at the visitor center on the way in that Treasure Cave was closed to protect the bats at this particular time. Fine by me I want no dealings with bats please.

bluff trail closed

Scratching our heads as to why they wouldn’t block the trail off at the top of bluff was beyond us or was this their way of closing the trail to the bat cave. So back to our starting point we went and to the other side of Point Lookout where the newer wood rail lined the trails started. AHA this is how you get down there.

Another spectacle is the Keyhole to Treasure Cave.


keyhole 2
On the way out of cave area.

Honestly didn’t know if Jason and his whole load was going to be able to make it through, plenty of room though.

Once through the Keyhole there is a steep set of wood stairs that lead you down to the bottom of one more stair ladder that leads you up into the limestone cave. We obviously did not venture the caves as they were closed and clearly full of bats as they were flying everywhere.

stairs -0001
Keyhole is at the top of these stairs.

After that little misguided adventure we continued on down Bluff Trail. Tromping through mud that wanted to take our shoes at times on a trail carved out on a steep hill past weeping rocks and views of the river below.

trail 2family hiking

Mud trail.

At the end of trail before we hit a parking lot we came up on another gorgeous stone rustic shelter. Although the view from inside the shelter is not on the top 10 I cant help but imagine what it looks like now in the flourishing spring time.


view from shelter
View from inside shelter.

Just a few yards up from the shelter you come upon a memorial stone with a treeless view of the river.

memorial lookout

We ended our hike with good old fashion family fun of puddle jumping and swinging at the park.

family swingingswingingswinging 2

Finally making our way back to the car Phoenix could not resist one last puddle.

puddle phoenix

Thanks for coming along on another one of our 52 Week Hike Challenge adventure.

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  1. Love the stones everywhere, it reminds me of castles and fairy tales. Another great hike, thanks for taking us along.


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