Week 7: Black River State Forest

After reliving our first backpacking trip with our toddler through all the photos and videos we decided to go back out and revisit the trails.

Going outside? Lets talk Layers

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall layers can be your friend. For this blog we are focusing more on winter months. During winter months they can be your survival. BIG NOTE YOU CAN ALWAYS TAKE LAYERS OFF BUT YOU CANT PUT THEM ON IF YOU DONT HAVE THEM. I can not stress this enough, so even…

Lost on the Backroads of Wisconsin

When I just want to get away from it all I submerge myself in the backroads of Wisconsin. If its a dirt road I’m on it. Discovered a few new cool places that require coming back in the Summer though to explore as they were shut down for the season. It was just what I…

Week 6: NNWR again but making a new friend!

Week 6 of 52 Week Hike Challenge had Phoenix and I back at the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge again but with a new face. Phoenix was super shy at first but eventually warmed up even giving the nice lady behind the desk a big smile. I had met this amazingly interesting girl through work and…

Grizzlies, ticks, lost…. Do you know what to do?

Has not knowing how to go about doing something kept you from said task? I understand completely if you have but have you ever felt that feeling of accomplishment after finally just figuring it out and doing said task? I feel this way about a lot of things in life for example this blog I…

*Potato River Falls Video*

This video goes along with my Camp Wisconsin Series the Iron County Park blog. FREE Camping near the entrance of trail to this waterfall!! Check it out!! Start Living

Week 5: Necedah National Wildlife Refuge

Necedah National Wildlife Refuge is one of my favorite places to visit with my son Phoenix. So easy to find being right of highway 21 between Tomah and Necedah.  Their visitor center is by far one of the best I have been to with so many hands on learning tools and very friendly staff. We…

*Trout Falls Pine View Campground Video*

Week 4 of 52 week hike challenge. Local campground hike that follows along the beautiful La Crosse River and Trout Falls!! Check out the my Week 4: Pine View Campground blog for the details. Start Living

*KVR Ice Caves Video*

Week 3 of 52 Week Hike Challenge featuring the Kickapoo Valley Reserves Ice Caves is live on our YouTube channel. There is a second set we still have to make it to. and definitely will because I totally fell in love with this area! Start Living  

Camp Wisconsin: Willow River State Park

This is one of my favorite top 5 state parks that I have visited to date. Even with only staying one night, hiking just two short trails, raccoon invasion and the Little Falls Lake drawdown, it still made the list. Without argue Willow Falls is their beyond gorgeous gem and awestruck me the instant I…