RV Life: Canyonlands National Park

Wednesday June 5th 2019

Day 54

Very active morning down at the reservoir with tankers, kayakers, paddleboarders and fisherman. Me being me I had to talk with some of them and ended up in an hour long conversation with some paddleboarders. Love meeting intriguing people who are open and willing to talk. We were both amazed by eachothers lifestyles and the questions bantered back and forth.  This young man was having one hell of morning with a killer norther pike catch. Mo mo

From the reservoir we traveled a scenic mountain road suggested from the wonderful lady back at the Blanding visitor center. Such a beautiful journey to our next national park, Canyonlands.

With a pit stop to admire these incredible petroglyphs.

Utah is filled with something special around every corner and that proved true on the ride into the Canyonlands.

Once in Canyonlands we of course stopped in the visitor center getting our map and patches. This time I spent some time looking through the books and stumbled upon Dirty Gourmet. A superb cookbook made by 3 outdoor enthusiast women. It says it right in the name gourmet, this was not an ordinary cookbook it had out of the box recipes to switch up the mundane menu of typical backpacker/camping meals. I loved it but did not buy it right then and there why I don’t know. I overthink and always have budget on mind.

Being it was the heat of the day we opted to drive the scenic national park road instead of daring any hikes. The drive wasn’t long and we parked at the cul de sac near the Big Spring Canyon overlook. Munched on light lunch while watching a huge Raven make home in someone’s truck who left the windows down. Phoenix had a hoot with all that!

The heat was pretty intense so we wandered around the overlook for a short bit and made the decision then to try and find a campground in Moab for the night to get a break from the heat. On the way out of the national park the RV started acting up. It would start chugging then die, it did this twice. The second time it happen we waited 20 minutes for everything to cool down. Apparently that’s what our old RV needed because she ran like a champ after.

In the hour and half drive to Moab we break it up with a stop at an archway overlook

Also pulled into the cant miss Hole in the Rock. With giant white letters and a Jeep sitting on top of a cliff who wouldn’t want to take a peak at what else they have to offer. We were not disappointed!! Peculiar objects sprouted from every direction.  Creativity energy flowed here!

Can you spot the Jeep?

How did such a place come to be? Well it all started as a cave for passerbys until the Christensen’s came along and slowly plugged away at making a magnificent 14 room house with a 65 foot chimney, and a bathtub all built within the rock. Dubbed the most unusual home in the desert you can pay for a tour through it. They also offer a exotic zoo, souvenir shop, trading post and a general store serving up delicious ice cream.

We stayed until closing time then moseyed on down the road to Moab. We hoped to get in at the KOA but they were booked along with several other campgrounds. We got lucky with Pack Creek Campground and RV Park. On our way to the park it began to feel a bit odd being it looked more like a trailer park than campground. Honestly though this heat had us just praying for electricity to get the AC going which we got! Very friendly people when checking in, playground for Phoenix to enjoy when it cools off and showers!

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