RV Life: Our 6 Year Anniversary

Tuesday June 4th 2019

Day 53

Our 6 year anniversary!! I could not have started it in any better way than with a good run and some refreshing yoga.

Leaving Sand Island campground we made our way to Blanding, Utah visitor center. My lord am I stoked we had perfect timing on this one. The knowledgeable lady there was the prime example of someone you want behind the desk at a visitor center. She hands down set the new standard. So usually when leaving an info center you have a bunch of pamphlets in hand, the standard paid advertising tourist attractions thrown at ya and a map to all make sense of. We left there with a complete route that was exciting, family friendly and even a cool boondocking site. I tell you she was a blessing!

We let Phoenix play around at the playground for awhile since we had some extra time before heading over to a dinosaur museum and had our first glance at Telsa charging stations.

Now if you have a little one who loves dinosaurs and all things unique, the Dinosaur Museum is where it’s at. Phenomenal stop in Blanding. Phoenix’s senses where in overdrive, hell even ours were.

A stop at the local store was a must to get ourselves some extra special food to celebrate our anniversary. Always interesting to check out small town grocery stores. We left with some steaks, cookies and no alcohol because somehow we landed ourselves in a dry town. Thankfully city limits were not far our with a gas station selling the goods we were seeking. I mean we at least need to have a toast for 6 crazy years together. This is when we learned about Utah’s strict alcohol laws and that Twisted Tea even makes a special 3.2 beer.

With anniversary meal gathered it was time to find that boondocking site. Recapture Reservoir was just 5 miles outside of Blanding and not a bad spot at all for an overnight stay. Down by the water a large gravel parking area lays to both sides of the boat landing and we veered to left towards remnants of past fires. Perfect spot with snow capped mountain views, swimming and a already made firepit.

Several people came down to the beach even though the water was extremely high but they paid us no attention which made us relax. For those who boondock can relate to how they can be uneasy sometimes especially the further out in the boonies you go. A few tanker trucks came down to be filled which Phoenix enjoyed with curious eyes.

Getting settled in we got the tripod set up to cook some fine steaks and hell special occasion means set up the table. We gathered around that table for a beautiful delicious family meal. The cookies melted in our mouths and the drinks were ice cold!

Everyone cleared leaving us alone for night. We adventured around checking out our surroundings while watching the sun sink behind the mountains. Sun down and fire getting ramped up it was time for Phoenix to hit the hay.

Jason and I were able to enjoy another night of star gazing until something went wrong with the refrigerator. While boondocking it runs on propane and for some reason it did not want to stay lit. Bit of a downer but all part of the adventure.

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