RV Life: Monument Valley

Monday June 3rd 2019

Day 52

This was the ridiculously rad boat we woke up next to in the Page, Arizona Wal-Mart. Whoa!

Today we drove east on the scenic highway 89 through gorgeous red rock country all the way to the iconic Navajo Nation landmark, Monument Valley. For any of you who have seen Forest Gump would recognize this one of a kind landscape. Its pretty famous and one of the most photographed landscapes in the world.

We were hoping to get an up close and personal experience with such a wonderous landmark that we decided to pay the $20 to enter the Navajo Nation park. What we did not realize right away was RV’s are not allowed to drive the loop road. Being we did not have a tow vehicle we pretty much just paid $20 to take pictures that you could probably get from any public road but we did not want to take a negative stance so we explored around a bit. They do offer jeep rides but I will admit it was a pretty unprofessional set up with 2 different groups trying to haggle us into a ride, we did not accept.

Inside the visitor center the first worker we encountered was pretty damn rude but thankfully a very respectful and upbeat lady rescued our experience. She offered us a booklet for Phoenix to earn a badge to add to his collection.

After all was said and done the views did indeed blow us away. How such landscapes come to be is remarkable. If you are on a budget just skip the park and view from the highway trust me when I say it is just as gorgeous.

Leaving Monument Valley we worked ourselves into Utah, a state we deeply fell in love with on our trip to Zion National Park back in 2018 where we experienced some of the most epic hiking. I promised a blog on that at some point. You know its crazy how much time I thought I would have not working but in reality instead of working 40 plus hours a week we shifted to 40 hours a week of exploring and far from service. Not hating anything on that one bit, freedom of the road is a blessed gift and one we will forever treasure. It has truly changed our lives and mindset.

Being extra amped for Utah I planned an epic route and could not wait to kill it! We ended our eventful day at Sand Island boat launch/campground near Bluff, Utah. Looks are quite deceiving when driving in it seemed as if noone was around for miles until you dropped down into the hole and there was a whole little town of campers and rafters. We secured one of the few remaining spots. The campsite it self seemed overgrown in ways, of course sandy considering the state we were in but nonetheless a nice spot for the night. This campground provided water and pit toilets.

Phoenix played his little heart out while prepped a decent meal. After supper Phoenix was in desperate need of bath and didn’t take to long to fall asleep after. Finally Jason and I some alone time. We climbed on top of the RV and spent the next hours gazing at the stars and relishing in our bliss from this new found freedom of ours. This is when it hit us that our 6 year anniversary was tomorrow.

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