RV Life: Grand Canyon Sunrise

Saturday June 1st, 2019

Day 50

3:30 am indeed came fast. I’m a morning person, Jason definitely not so much and Phoenix actually did impressively awesome this early morning. We were not as motivated as when we were game planning last night so we opted to try and catch the bus even without fully understanding their time schedule. Us notoriously late people managed to catch the very 1st bus by 4 am.

I thought it was going to be packed by the way others talked but there were very few early risers within the park this morning. We got our previously scoped our spot and got comfy. Because we set our alarms for time to bike here we had an almost one hour long wait ahead of us. We gloriously spent it snacking and admiring the lightshow in the sky. Nothing like a desert sky.

It felt weird to be heading into camp when it is finally coming alive. We seized this odd feeling of already being fulfilled with the day by enjoying the most truly relaxing day we have had in awhile. Reading in the hammock, naps and elk crashing our campsite.

Afternoon came around slowly enough so we felt reenergized to journey out again this time on the red route. Stop one was Trailview Overlook where we got our first look at the crazy Bright Angel trail famous for its route down the unforgiving canyon to the Colorado River. Very glad we opted to bike more than hike here.

Up next was Maricopa Point.

The furthest we would make it on the red route was to the joint veiwpoints of Powell and Hopi Point. The most popular sunset point in the park and we were going to find out why.

Not really feeling the overcrowded shuttle bus scene we backtracked to the Bright Angel Lodge to hang out and munch on some appetizers to hold us over until sunset. Caught the last minute bus back to Hopi Point and snuggled in with people from all over the world to witness this one and only sunset the day would provide. It was so amazingly stunning it had the ability to quite a crowd of strangers.

Before the colors had time to disappear behind the canyon walls buses came by the handful to start dispersing the crowd back to their chosen campgrouds.

We spent our last night in Grand Canyon National Park star gazing in our campsite.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, so many beautiful photos. I guess Grand Canyon is one of those beautiful places that looks incredible at any time of the day! Would love to visit one day. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva 🙂

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