RV Live: Grand Canyon Tour

Friday May 31st 2019

Day 49

Hitting the shuttles early this morning with the goal of following the orange route. First stop was Yavapai Geology Museum for the impressive viewing windows where we then walked the rim trail to Mather Point. Stopping midway for lunch and a mini photo shot, I mean who wouldn’t with the Grand Canyon as your backdrop.

We made a quick peak around at or 2nd stop, South Kaibab then moved onto our 3rd and finally stop for the orange route of the day at Yaki Point. It was here we found the perfect spot for our little family of 3 to enjoy a sunrise

Back at the Market Plaza we indulged ourselves at the Yavapai Lodge with phenomenal chicken wings and scrumptious cocktails. Followed that up with lounge time at the campsite. It felt awesome to actually set up camp for a full weekend. We know we are staying awhile when the tablecloth comes out.

Trying to figure out the logistics of making sunrise on time made for a spectacular evening adventure. We tried biking to Yaki Point 5 miles from our site according to google only to make it to Pipe Creek vista. While biking we had the craziest experience with riding through field upon field of elk.

Sunset was perfect with a good splash of adrenaline chilling on the edge. Phoenix claimed a spot while waiting for the sun to set then well his eyes set for the night.

The ride back was exhilarating in the dark with nothing but our headlamps leading the way and the occasional elk. After we packed our bags for the mission of getting to the sun before it rises to say hello to the world, it was a very early bedtime. 3:30 am would be here in a blink of an eye.

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  1. dianaed14 says:

    Have been there at sunrise – such a wonderful feeling of spacr

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