RV Life: Sedona Arizona Jeep Tour!

Wednesday May 29th 2019

Day 47

Waking early after a sleep deprived night due to the nervousness of our RV angle, I opted for some alone time and checked out the whole campground. We were staying at the Flagstaff KOA,  a wonderfully filled to the brim with amenities campground including a camp kitchen and access to some hiking trails.

On my way back to grab the boys to check out that camp kitchen for breakfast, I officially made the decision to book the Jeep Tour. Called and made the last slot for 11 am ride with Safari Jeep Tours of Sedona.

Riding into Sedona from the north on 89A is a spectacular white knuckle ride in an class C RV.  Winding down through the mountains passing trailhead after trailhead, adorable cabins along the river and right into the sweet red rocks this area is known for.  My bucketlist will not be shrinking anytime soon one adventure adds just about 10 more ideas to the list.

Sedona is an amazing hip/artsy town put on the map by the red rocks vortex theory’s then flooded with mellow earth tone colored buildings.  Please be aware it is not exactly large RV friendly but the city does offer a free public parking lot in town.

Walking to the jeep tours with car seat on shoulder our excitement was building. While paying for the tour I made a major mistake on tip amount. I have yet to be on a tour that wanted tip money upfront usually its after the fact and I base my amount on tour guides efforts and enthusiasm. Well I tipped an unknown tour guide $50 before even getting in the jeep. 

I have never been more pleased! Our guide was fantastic! There was us with a toddler and 2 other older couples. Our guide was awesome, he made it a point to include everyone in conversation even Phoenix, checked out different rocks among the ground with Phoenix and helped all of us with pictures. The tour took us up through town and up to the airport mesa and deep into the bumpy backroads.

On our way back into town we noticed the wide variety of shops from crystal to cowboy gear, and boutiques. Not to mention all the restaurants. After a couple hours of offroad jeep riding we were now starving and the bombardment  of mouthwatering smells that hit us through town were overwhelming.

Pizza fans Sedona Pizza Company is where its at !! Wood fired pizza’s with fresh in season ingredients paired with a Prickly Pear Mimosa  and stuffed mushrooms was our cap  to an adventurous jeep tour.  Phoenix insisted on spaghetti.

Back in Wisconsin (our home state) the saying goes wait 5 minutes and the weather will change. I’m beginning to be convinced that just happens damn near everywhere. While we were eating the skies opened and just poured rain onto all the shop goers who were frantically seeking any overhang.

That right there made the decision for our next move. Instead of being sucked into all the tantalizing shop windows we opted for a scenic drive down 179 till we met with I-17. Ill be honest this drive could not compete with the red rock wonders of highway 89A but it had its share. Also had it share of beware of vehicle break in signs at every trailhead we stopped.

Back in Flagstaff we enjoyed some leisure time and let Phoenix burn off steam with mini golf and park time.

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