RV Life: Mother’s Day

Sunday May 12th 2019

Day 30

Woke up just wanting out of Louisiana after all the shenanigans of last night, RV Life: USS Alabama Battleship and Louisiana Cops! We are very glad for staying put at that Walmart, roads flooded over the night including a couple we needed to take.

Louisiana backroads are something else not a one last for more than a few miles before needed to turn off. Passed over a few cool bridges and by quite a few churches that had cops escorting or watching over the road crossings something new to us.


We were making our way to the Cochon De Lait festival, aka pig festival located in Mansura, Louisiana. The website video showed it off to be a true blue down home festival in a very small town. The big cooking looked so damn delicious there was no way we could not at least check it out. Unfortunately it was nothing we imagined and the weather had shut down everything way early and they were not even serving pig. 😦 Pictures show the difference between what we saw compared to the enticing festival page. Very upsetting but you cant always win with mother nature. Cochon De Lait Festival

What we saw……..
conch de lait
Versus what we were hoping to see.

That was such a let down but Phoenix did get to play on the playground for a bit while I did some more research. All research led to South Toledo Bend State Park, a state park located very close to the Texas border.


The sweetest old lady checked us in and her kind heart was turning our day around. Getting settled in to our rather large campsite was a complete day turn around. This campsite was so spacious and wonderful. Plenty of room for parking the RV, large patio, tent pad area, campfire with picnic table, water, electric plus the view of the lake for only $28 per night.

The icing on the cake for the day was being able to facetime with EVERYONE on my mom’s side!!! They were all having a mothers day gettogether at my grandma’s house. Seeing everyone together was making me miss home something fierce but it felt so amazing and warming to talk with everyone and share those infamous fireball shots together! We rehomed one of our cats Applejacks with my grandma and he was not coming out anytime soon for the phone call, cant wait to see them both once home.

After the long Norwegian goodbye with my family we called Jason’s parents to wish his mom a very happy mother’s day and birthday! His nephews were there along with Boots, the cat his parents helped us rehome. Yea before we left for this adventure we had to rehome 6 animals, a dog and 5 cats.

Jason treated me with making supper after all the phone calls which was awesome and delicious! With full bellies we walked the trail down to a fantastic sunset spot. This sunset was one for a live Facebook show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With all the talking we did not gather any firewood so movie night it was.

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