RV Life: USS Alabama Battleship and Louisiana Cops!

Saturday May 11th 2019

Day 29



A hour away was the USS Alabama Battleship, an impressive massive historic battleship with 5 levels and the history of thousands of men!! $15 per person 12 and up, 5 and under free and $4 for parking. This place was so amazingly intriguing. I thought we were only going to spend a couple hours here but we actual spent the whole day.

With the brochure you will find there are 3 different colored tours.



We spent all day and still couldn’t even get through all of them. This ship was just unbelievable. Without a map we would for sure have gotten lost. I will let the pictures tour you through but if you are ever in the area you must go!!

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Leaving the battleship we were greeted by some major storm clouds. Dark and looking scary we made the decision to fly thru Mississippi and try to avoid the storms. Another aspect of the rvlife that you have to be flexible with. We did get to snap a few pics at least.






We ended the night in Slidell, Louisiana Walmart just about an hour north of New Orleans and apparently that was the wrong place to be. We parked closer to Lowes to begin with but within 10 mins of being there Phoenix was bit by a fire ant and there 100 too many to stick around so we moved over to the center of Walmarts lot. Within 10 mins of being there we were surrounded by 4 of Louisiana’s finest SUV’s. The story we got was the gas station next door called the cops on an rv with a white male driver and white female passenger continuously for over 20 mins kept circling the parking lot. There were not to many RV’s to chose from so there we were. My jaw dropped like are you kidding me right now we get about 8 miles a gallon the last thing I think we would be doing is pointlessly driving around. I was just a bit livid. The cop continued to ask us questions as if we actually were circling the lot and couldn’t quite believe we were on trip of this magnitude. We felt extremely unwelcome to say the least. We explained we were only at this Walmart to wait out the storms because our only other option was go south in New Orleans and that was a hell no. They graciously said we were good for the night but I’ll admit I waited for another knock all night.

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