RV Life: A Florida Sunrise

Friday May 10th 2019

Day 28

Being I went to bed so early the night before I got up way before the boys and enjoyed the most relaxing morning on the beach. The only other person to beat me to the beach was a fisherman. I walked the shoreline watching the sun greet the world for another day while filling one bag with garbage and the other with just a few gorgeous seashells.

Garbage found along beach walk
Garbage found along the beach walk.

I enjoyed the sunrise so much that I actually went live on FB for a little bit so others could enjoy as well. To top of the experience I got to watch crabs and birds in there natural state.

We only had one night reserved so we had to pack up and get back on the road. We headed toward the actual Fort Pickens to get our history on! We parked near the visitor center, checked out the free provided video then hopped on the bikes to cruise around the fort.

We biked around the entire fort!! Checking out every inch that we could. Saddest part was coming across this horrible graffiti. I have never in my life understood why people just can not leave things alone. How can you deface something so important to history, if only the ones who graffiti could live through the history of this place.

Parking the bikes we walked the self guided tour through the fort, exploring all the rooms they would let us.

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After the tour we walked through the bookstore and left with a Dr. Suess book adding to Phoenix’s ever growing collection.

Back to the RV was a quick lunch and off to Alabama. Driving back through Pensacola Beach but this time taking the bridge across through Gulf Breeze to Pensacola and over to Perdido Key.


20190510_1747393100728458172194699.jpgFollowing the highway along the coast we eventually passed over into Alabama our 10th state. Stopped at a Walmart Neighborhood Market for the first time and they did not offer overnight parking so our plans had to be rearranged like normal. Rv life = flexible life.

So on that note we went down to the Cotton Bayou public beach access which offers free parking to enjoy the ocean/gulf one last time till we hit the Pacific. The sunset was completely clouded over but the last “ocean” moments were perfect. Phoenix was playing in the sand which is basically heaven for him, Jason and I were able to chill for awhile and a couple came by who were on vacation for their anniversary and offered to take our family picture. Before leaving we took a walk around picking up what litter we could and filling in all the holes (saves the seas turtles).



A 24 hour Walmart was a 30 min drive away so that would be home for the night. There were only 3 of us rvers in total. Researching what to do in Alabama we realized everything we were interested in all happened to be up north and way out of the time limit. We eventually found something near that was so cool to check out. Keep following along to find out.

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