RV Life: The Emerald Coast

Thursday May 9th 2019

Day 27

We finally resupplied this morning. We lost all our cold goods after the stay at my uncles. There was no way we were getting the RV level so the propane kept going out, Darwin did offer to hook us up to electric but we felt how most do when not in their own home, reluctant to need or want anything else.

2.5 hours from Destin Florida was an unreal feeling. Destin has been mentioned and raved about by almost everyone we have told we were going to Florida. Turns out this town of under 14,000 has over 4 million people wandering through any given year. I understood why the instant I laid my eyes on those pure white sandy beaches with the ocean waves bringing in every shade of gorgeous green it could find.



We chose Henderson State Park for our Emerald Coast experience. We were told at the gate there was a double red flag warning which meant no going in the water, bummer but we still enjoy the beauty of the beach. The breeze felt so refreshing and the sand seemed to be the softest thing I have ever walked on with very minimal seashells.



First entering the beach we came up on a washed up jellyfish and with a little bit of research we do believe it was a Portuguese Man of War.


The boys made home towards the back of beach while I walked along filling my little bag of garbage. The coolest thing though was watching a crab digging his hole and his buddy standing watch. I was thankful to get some really cool footage.



The rest of our drive took us through some extremely gorgeous areas including Navarre Beach, across part of Gulf Islands National Seashore and Pensacola Beach all the way to Fork Pickens. The speed limit was only 25 majority of the way for chick hatching season so we got to really enjoy the scenery. Including this suppose to be hurricane proof house.


We got checked into our campsite, explored around for a bit, made friends with an older gentleman who had a similar RV and eventually hid from the heat for a bit. We ventured out closer to sunset riding bikes down to the beach even though there would be no pretty sunset this time around, instead a good storm was rolling in. Talked with a guy from Canada for a bit but quickly said our goodbyes with the first raindrops. We unfortunately did not make it back in time and got caught in the downpour.


Fort Pickens is located on an island so the worse thing a storm could do is flood the only road. Would need quite a bit of rain but man when it rains in Florida it rains, just like in the mountains inches of rain in minutes sometimes.

Perfect movie night so we found it fitting to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. Turns out I would be the first one out and the boys wouldn’t even finish the movie themselves.

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