RV Life: Goodbyes and Miles

Wednesday May 8th 2019

Day 26

The beautiful morning was spent taking a nice normal warm shower. RV life doesn’t always mean a warm shower or even a normal shower at all. Personally we are unsure if our hot water heater even works we have just adjusted to living without and prefer to use our LP for just cooking and fridge cooling.

Phoenix was having a blast wrestling around with the dogs for the last time while we started the goodbye process, in my family it could take forever for a simple good bye doesn’t matter if will be seeing each other the next day. Before heading out we checked out the canal one last time although this time in daylight. I still cant believe people can just live along this waterways and use them as if they were roads.


After leaving we headed north and stopped at the first waffle house in Punta Gorda. This was a very small restaurant but everyone sure was friendly and very interested in our adventures and of course adored Phoenix who was going on all about Darwin’s dog like we had bet.

As we continued on down the road we hit a section of highway that was infiltrated with bugs. I mean it looked like it was raining these damn things. Turns out they were called love bugs which seemed accurate as all of them were hooked at the hips with another one. We were stopping at a gas station every 20 mins to wash off what we could. To this day some of those bugs are still caked on the front of the RV.


Being our next destination was about 11 hours from Darwin’s house and some how in the same state was impressive. We took a break from driving and found Phoenix a park to burn some energy in a Brookesville’s playground. It was still pretty hot so I wrapped a wet down bandana around his neck like a cape and off he went full of smiles. The cops sure liked this place within the hour we were there they circled twice so you felt uneasily safe if that makes any sense.


Phoenix made a friend and they spent the whole time running around the large wooden castle chasing lizards.

We finally got going but our stomachs were a grumbling and we decided to stop a half hour up the road at Crackers Bar and Grill. Even though it was beautifully located on the water with a wonderful deck we still opted for the a/c. I loved this place, waitress was chill and on top of everything even got the kitchen to serve my shrimp cold, they offered buckets of beer for $12, I got the better end of that deal being I have honestly yet to drive the RV. We spent almost 2 hours at this restaurant taking our time eating, chatting with everyone around us and walking the dock looking for manatees.


We ended the night at another Wal-Mart this time in Crawfordville, Florida but only after a sketchy stint through national forest land where deer seemed to be lining the roads left and right.

Sleep came fast this night.

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