RV Life: Fort Myers Beach

Tuesday May 7th 2019

Day 25

Finally a day to RELAX!!! Uncle Darwin had to work so we took full advantage of being able to relax in a safe environment and having a pool all to ourselves was an absolute bonus! Phoenix is a fish and was in heaven being able to swim all day!


On top of a very chill day we were also able to slowly catch up on that damn “to do” list. Fresh laundered clothes, planned our next bit of route and burning up Phoenix’s endless energy.

Darwin arrived home after another long day in that Florida heat, give him props on that. I’m not joking when I say that kind of heat is something else to get use to. What better way to beat the heat than at the beach! That’s exactly what we did.

Darwin explained to us his favorite sight coming up over the bridge towardsFort Myers Beach and it was o so gorgeous. Cresting the bridge you see the ocean and sky meeting in an endless wonder. This beach was by far the most chill and gorgeous one yet. Beach was calm, few people, beautiful seashells, saw my first sand dollar, pelicans flying everywhere and dolphin even made an appearance.

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Now I know I said the sunset in RV Life: Everglades National Park  was one of the best but damn Fort Myers sunset was turning up the heat! It was insanely amazing. To watch the Gulf of Mexico swallow the sun was an unforgettable experience. Thanks to facetime my parents where even able to enjoy the sunset as well.


After sunset we walked the strip down to a small taco stand, Yo! Taco. Those where some damn fine tacos and seriously the price of them was in anyone’s budget. Cheap tacos and a beach down the street, please some may say they have died and went to heaven.


Getting up there for Phoenix’s bedtime we worked our way back the car. Before going home though Darwin took us on a tour of the area and my lord what people live in is unreal. What looked like a library entrance was just the front door to one house. To be able to live on the canal would be quite the experience if you have a boat of course, that was even a question for most of the people around here but all the canals will find there way to the ocean.

Once back to our home of the night we put Phoenix down and chit chatted with Darwin till about midnight. The stories of life he had were very intriguing and worth the tired eyes in the morning. The moonshine on the other had lets just say I’m glad I stuck to just a few tastings.

Darwin if you read this and I hope you do. Thank you a million times over for opening your home to my family. We truly enjoyed our stay and its my mission to get my parents down there for a visit!

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