RV Life: 1st Ranger Badge & Cape Coral

Monday May 6th 2019

Day 24

Morning started with the normal check out clean up of the RV. Being we have had no service the whole time our Kip Moore cd came in handy for this process.

The day was heating quickly and we wanted to get Phoenix his first junior ranger badge before starting the long journey out. He was so shy talking with the ranger he barely got the pledge out. I’m so excited to start doing these booklets with him. Jason and I learn quite a bit from them also. Junior Ranger books are offered at most if not all National Parks, forests and monuments. They do come age specific and are wonderful for the children and I highly encourage all parents to try it out.

Proud moment!

Our next destination was my uncles house in Cape Coral, Florida almost 4 hours away. Along the way I thought we jumped ship somehow cause not one sign was in English in the sea of agriculture land. Now those are some rough working conditions. Gator were spotted real easy on this route. One of the weirdest things was this absolute desolate intersection just one hour from downtown Miami and panther crossing sings on highway 41 to 29.



Phoenix concentrating hard on his ABC Backpack

This Leap Frog product has been a insanity saver several times along this adventure. Honestly one of the few products I absolutely love for our son, helps him with abc’s, sounds of letters, writing them, spelling out 3 letter words and best of all its not a damn screen. Toddlers do not need screen time technology hell no child needs technology at all. They need to be running around outside scraping up their knees, playing in the dirt, using there imagination and wonder at all nature has to offer. When Phoenix isn’t outside and we got to put on some miles this is our go to.

⬇️Amazon link below ⬇️


Before getting to Cape Coral we stopped at another damn Walmart, these trips suck!

We entered Cape Coral by toll bridge and arrived at my uncle Darwin’s house closer to 5. Ill admit I was nervous about seeing him as it had been a couple years and not knowing what to expect but excited at all the same time it was a familiar face whom I shared a lot of great memories with. When I was younger it was always his family and ours getting together for beach and camping trips.

He met us outside with a permit required by city ordinance in order to park in his neighbors driveway. Driving our outdated 1992 RV into this well to do neighborhood made things even more awkward in the beginning. Palm trees lined the streets of these beautiful homes, something we have never seen. You should have seen some of these houses on the canals our damn rv would fit in some of their living rooms alone.

Darwin has 3 dogs that needed to meet us and Phoenix fell in love right away. To this day he can still tell you all 3 names Riley, Tank and Cocoa. Riley the youngest one was his favorite!

We spent some good quality time catching up before heading out to a local restaurant, Pinchers. We came during happy hour and man o man Florida does it better than Wisconsin. We ordered drinks thinking just one was coming but nope they automatically show up with 2. Hell yea! We also tried “onion rings” for the first time aka calamari, good one Darwin 😉 Everything was delicious!

After supper we walked around the marina admiring the unbelievably beautiful boats. Some had quite the names also. The night was so calm and perfect I started to understand everyone’s draw to the coast.

Phone camera is not the best for night photos…..obviously.

Darwin had to work in the morning so we called it an early night after he showed us around the house. He was the perfect host who helped us out tremendously by offering us laundry, showers and access to his pool!! Really hope the rest of my family can make it this way one day.

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