RV Life: Tomoka State Park Florida

Thursday May 2nd 2019

Day 20

So early wake to beat the heat for a run. Humidity was just insane and something not to easily adjusted to. 1.5 miles in I called her quits and just started walking laps. One lap around I met a lady walking her dog who said she washed her floors last week inside her rv and they took 2 days to dry!

Couple more laps around and 20 mins of bodyweight workout I was so ready for our cold shower. Plus we were able to do our cleaning of the rv in air conditioning thank goodness till check out, 11 am.

Gameplan of the day find a place down the road a ways to get brakes done. Driver side just started squeaking and our smoking incident. RV Life: Smoking in the Smokies At this point we have put on 2500 miles.

Honest 1 Auto Care in Ormond Beach and rave reviews so that was our choice. We got an appointment for early the very next morning. Being it wasn’t to far from our last spot we did not put on the miles we wanted but this location gave us the perfect opportunity to explore Daytona Beach tomorrow.

In the mean time we set up camp early at Tomoka State Park as all the Wal-Marts in the area do not allow overnight parking. Understandable everywhere along the coast is overpopulated and you have to control the lots somehow.

I was told to be aware of gator and rattlesnakes when checking in, we saw either in our time here. Awesome campground though. All roads are packed sand with enough soft spots to make a person nervous at times, lizards were everywhere and palm trees surrounded our campsite. Talk about a jungle setting! At only $27 a night you get both electric and water! Thank goodness as the ac felt incredible! Jason somehow worked up the courage to go outside and workout, it was in the upper 90’s at this point.


Later in the afternoon we all eventually came out of our air conditioned box to go play at the playground for a bit. Took a break for dinner and headed back out for a 4 mile bike ride down to the camp store and boat launch. Had a really great vibe down there, talked with a few fisherman who were coming in for the night. Nothing caught.


Back to camp we got the RV in go mode and packed our day bags because the brake appt was at 7:30 am tomorrow.

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