RV Life: Shitty Situation

Wednesday May 1st 2019

Day 19

Finally made it into FLORIDA!


Worked our way to Fernandina Beach, Florida to keep on the coastline and far from Jacksonville. Insane houses, cars and views but no one had a yard or space to call their own certainly not sold on that yet.


Swinging into Gander RV in St. Augustine hoping to get a very important piece needed to fix our shitty situation. Our black tank gate valve broke with us needing to dump still. We obviously really had to get this taken care of so I started the search for a nearby campsite and Stagecoach RV Park made the cut and had an opening! Was definitely the cheapest in the area at $55.25 per night with full hookups. We understood more upon arrival this place was located in a field in the middle of nowhere and so far from the beach 😦 not to mention we were the youngest couple with the oldest rig and pretty sure the only ones with a toddler.

Jason got right to work, Phoenix chilled out with a movie and I got some much needed blogging done. I’m always so far behind!!

Jason got the shitter valve fixed and the world was all right again:)

Shortly after all the accomplishment Phoenix gave into his droopy eyes and laid down for a nap. Jason and I chilled outside in the breeze enjoying some cocktails until I started cooking up the rest of our chicken. Figuring out meals on the road has proven to be a challenge as an rv fridge is always on a rollercoaster of temps so you have to be extra careful in that aspect. Shredded up the leftovers for future wraps.

A 70’s show marathon had us laughing the rest of the night away.

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