RV Life: Sketchy Georgia Wal Mart


Monday April 29th 2019

Day 17

I was beginning to really dislike check out days at least here it was noon. We got all our camp chores down before 9am so we could enjoy all the perks of the KOA like the pool! They have a wonderful set up for a small area providing a splash pad for kids, 2 separate pool and a hot tub. Also the large train city that was meticulously set up before entering, masterpiece!


We actually had the privilege of meeting the designer and owner of the whole set up. What a creative mind he has.


Did anyone catch that it was already warm enough to swim at 9 in the morning in April, back home not so much.


Leaving around noon we happened upon a Wal-Mart and guess what they actually had the phone I have been searching for and someone there to sell it to me! Finally a phone with a excellent camera!

Spent the day driving around enjoying the scenery and crossing multiple amazingly designed bridges then we hit heavy traffic in the Charleston area. Pulled over once to make some quick lunch while the rv cooled off, we are just a bit nervous after our Atlanta incident. You can find more out here RV Life: F Atlanta

Coming to a rest for the night in a Savannah, Georgia Wal-Mart was not the best decision but we only learned this after hours of being there. In the meantime I started the long process of changing over my phone and using up practically all my wifi data to do so.

So this Walmart was by far the sketchiest one yet. There was only a couple other campers and 1 truck driver utilizing the parking lot for sleep while an older guy kept constantly walking around and checking every corner of his car, this was at 11pm mind you. In another direction all I could hear was what sounded like spray paint cans shaking but I could never spot them without leaving the rv, plus a couple arguing and to top it off some guy next to a mini green beetle car was just a pacing back and forth on the phone for a legit couple hours. O yea and 3 cats keep appearing along the ditch line. This all took place from about 10:30 pm to 1 am is when I finally could fall asleep.

Not the best sleep ever but to be expected on this 6 month journey.

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