RV Life: Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Sunday April 28th 2019

Day 16

So as I mentioned in the last blog we ended the night with a few to many drinks and boy did I pay for it today. I was the last one out of bed by over an hour and breakfast was a hard one to put down. Turns out hydration became the only goal of the day.

Our adventuring of the day did not start till after 3 pm. My bad on that part but hey we spared ourselves the hottest part of the day.

We walked down to Ocean Boulevard and followed it to the start of Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Our 1st boardwalk!!

We absolutely enjoyed the vibe, breeze and of course the ocean view. No wonder people flocked to this environment.

1st stop 2nd Ave Pier. They conveniently have public restrooms and only charge $2 pp to enjoy the pier. Here we met a pretty chill group of fisherman who were happy to show Phoenix their catch of the day.

Saw our first cannonball jellyfish swimming around and a school of fish, Phoenix was in awe.


Continuing on down we admired all the flashy enticing storefronts that eventually started repeating their products.

2nd stop Skywheel!! $14 pp Phoenix was free. Wonderful staff took care of our stroller, I only mention this because most bigger attraction destinations are turning towards stroller free.

On the 1st rotation of the ride I lost my stomach while the boys were justified loving it. The views are outstanding!

We got suckered into buying the picture package at the end. $20 gets ya 4 different size prints along with a large magnet.

In front of the Skywheel ticket booth sits one of those mega Landshark chairs we just had to get a picture in. Phoenix treated it like a giant jungle gym of course.

All the excitement and walking sure worked up our appetite so our final boardwalk stop was at 8th Avenue Tiki Bar & Grill. This place hands down served the best fresh margaritas yet and we hit it during happy hour!!! Yes I know she must have not learned her lesson. Trust me I only had room for the 2. All the food was amazing! We tried a meal lover pizza, wings and a philly sandwich. Mouth is watering just thinking back to it all. In total we spent $57.90 there.

It was closer to 7 pm at this point, feeling spent we decided to for go the sunset and start the long walk back to the KOA. We burned our last remaining energy on the bounce pad then had a bundle of wood delivered to the campsite. After showers we divided our time between relaxing by the fire and throwing a football around.

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