RV Life: Our First Ocean

Saturday April 27th 2019

Day 15

Today was the day this lil cool dude and I got to see our 1st ocean! We left that Walterboro Wal-Mart amped and ready to go check out what Myrtle Beach had to offer!


I for once had my phone on me when passing by this creation. Its it a mini Noah’s Ark? We are just amazed by what we see and really wish we could get more on camera.


We stopped in Summerville South Carolina specifically for the Kohls store but we were close Wal-Mart and stopped to see if they had my phone. Waited a good half hour while the clerk went back and got the phone. She rang it up and the price was coming to over 300 I was like no no that is the wrong phone. She went back again this time coming back empty handed. Damn it. This Wal-mart made up for itself by having Twisted Tea that was becoming  impossible to find.

Drove another 1.5 hours before stopping at our first roadside stand to try out some fresh boiled peanuts and strawberries. The berries were overpriced but o so delicious and we have never had boiled peanuts before and the taste reminded us of green beans.

Myrtle Beach on Saturday even in April was extremely busy. We took highway 17 in. Shops along with various restaurants littered each side for miles. Took us a good minute to get to the KOA. This is by far not a cheap stay at $75 a night but location, location, location. It was so conveniently located just a 3 block walk from the ocean even offering shuttles to the beach but we like our exercise. This is the only time not having a tow vehicle is a con.


We did purchase a KOA rewards cards for $30 a year in which you receive 10% off at all KOA campgrounds, reward points that accumulate for cash off future stays, 1 free night of camping during Value Kard Rewards Weekend plus access to thousands of coupons thru the KOA coupon savings program.

We chose to do so after looking at the locations of their 500 campgrounds nationwide. Very convenient for wanting to explore the heart of certain areas. Myrtle Beach KOA offered full hook-ups at site, free showers, garbage pick up at site every morning, pool, playground, bounce pad and free shuttle to and from the beach.

Upon arriving they have gulf cart escort to site and said person helps you get comfy with your site. Our water hose came up short, Troy our helper who lives on the grounds let us borrow a hose for our stay. Showed us his site and just said throw it in the back of the truck before ya leave. This place seriously gets 5 stars for customer service my experience was nothing but amazing.

We were all itching to go explore so we did a quick set-up, threw on the swimsuits, packed the stroller, took our traditional new camp fireball shot and away we went. We opted to just walk to the beach instead of shuttle glad we did so Phoenix could get an up close and personal look at some ducks.

Reaching the end of those 3 blocks where concrete was met by the glimpse of blue hiding over small sand dunes and the breeze starting to feel and even smell different.

There it was ocean and sky coming together effortlessly. The feeling was unreal like you met the end of the world and only those daring enough could explore.


Phoenix was in love! He ran right to the water then ran right away from the first wave 🙂


We spent the next couple hours roaming the beach, running in and out of the waves while collecting our first seashells.


Walking back to camp was interesting with the wide array of people wandering about. At camp we enjoyed dinner with a few too many beverages cause the next day was rough.

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