RV Life: Alligator Country

Friday April 26th 2019

Day 14

The most exciting days of them all, driving day! FYI there is a whole lot of sarcasm behind that. Our only goal today was to get as close as we could to our next big destination but 1st to pay for our spot last night. I walked up to the office while the boys were breaking down camp.


Honestly until I saw the sign warning of Alligator Country I was unaware we were in it. I very cautiously continued my walk with that new knowledge as I was walking between water ways on a narrow road. I followed the center lane.




Lady at front desk was super friendly and talkative. Southern hospitality has been showing its true colors through out Georgia. We talked about the US tour we were on, our kids, her family travels they had planned and the ones they hoped to do. I pushed her all I could to let go of the what if worries and just do it. Something is always going to happen or have a chance of happening just be prepared for it and get out of your head. Minds can wander quickly and typically negative.

On my way back to camp I kept hearing this noise that to me sounded like some failing to get their boat motor started. I looked around the small marina and not one boat was moving or had movement on it. Strange I thought. Later on I would learn that particular sound was the bellow of an Alligator. I did get to see a baby gator but nothing that could be making that sound.

Hopping in the RV and biding farewell to yet another campsite we joined the road for the next several hours to come enjoying Georgia’s beautiful countryside until we entered our 8th state South Carolina.

Obvious on the fly picture lol


Our day ended in Walterboro, South Carolina at a Wal-Mart that looked like a RV lot. I have been checking Wal-marts all along the way for a specific phone to replace my shattered one. I tried to replace it before leaving but as normal nothing went right with the insurance claim. Turns out though this Walmart had an actual wireless mini store and it was closed for the night of course and did not open until 10 am the next a.m. No way in hell could we hand out that long, so I called it a loss.

We would spend the night trying to keep cool and making phone calls back home.

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