RV Life: Providence Canyon State Park, Georgia

Thursday April 25th 2019

Day 13

Remnants of playing in the Georgia clay 😉

After yesterdays scare and exhausting day we wanted a close destination to explore and found “the little Grand Canyon of Georgia.” 1.5 hour drive brought us to Providence Canyon State Park. Georgia seems to have just about a little bit of everything as it is such a diverse and beautiful state.


$5 Georgia State Parks Pass to be placed on windshield.

Hopping out we watched the lizards scatter and some stick around during their “push ups”. Made our way to the visitor center to see just what our adventure would entail. Very friendly help gave us all the advice we needed and a map. Back to RV for some quick calorie intake, swapped sandals for hiking shoes and slathered our ghost selves in sunscreen.


A round trip hike with out any canyon exploration is 3 miles. They offer you 9 canyons to explore with 4/5 being the most beautiful per ranger.

Trail begins behind visitor center down a mixed red clay and gravel path. Phoenix was looking adorable and attracted every passerby’s attention. At the end of hill down we meet the reddest creek bottom we have ever laid eyes on.


We explored canyons 4, 5, and 8. Each one involved walking in or at least thru and closely next to the creek bottom. Make sure to wear shoes that can become caked with red clay. Bees and ants were in abundance. Phoenix was doing amazing. He was having so much fun splashing along the way.

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Above is a video of us heading back to main trail through a canyon path.

Leaving the canyon bottoms you start uphill, benches sporadically placed for that needed break, old rusted out cars left in their grave position when the land was bought for the State Park. Lizards were loving them.


Stopped at the park for Phoenix to burn up the mysterious energy he still had even after hiking all that way.

Continued down 3 mile loop finally meeting the lookout points overlooking the canyons just explored.

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Believe it or not Phoenix hike the whole 3.58 miles all by him big boy self! For that we ended the hike with ice cream.


Drove 10 mins down the road to Florence Marina State Park, got lucky with another 1 night stay by just taking the chance and just asking. We had to talk with camp host as the office was closed.

Very simple set up being a storm was on the way. Did manage to enjoy dinner outside ending it with the clouds rolling in. Expecting a bigger hit than what we got our socks we left out for washing were still right where we left them and practically dry.

Spent the night watching a movie and making reservations for a place that was no where near our original game plan.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. How fun. I remember when my adult children were tiny little tykes…they loved playing in the mud. They would get so messy but had so much fun that I let them get as dirty as they wanted. Beautiful photos. I like the canyon shots.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessica says:

      Phoenix is a mud fanatic! I agree just let them play it all rinses off in the end.
      Thank you on the pictures I was unsure of how to photograph any of them lol Have a wonderful day!


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