RV Life: Amicalola Falls, Georgia!

Monday April 22nd 2019

Day 10

Breakfast by the river!


Phoenix and I chilled out watching the mini waterfalls, critters and butterflies. Butterflies were everywhere!


Video of free campsite with Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina.

Scored a very last minute 2 night reservation for Amicalola Falls State Park in northern Georgia. First call went unanswered and they actually called me back. Now that is customer service.


Entering Georgia was just what I pictured literally horses running everywhere, covered bridges, red clay and bright blue skies. Amicalola was just 2 hours away rv talk that means 3-4 hours away. Stopped in Murphy, North Carolina for a decent resupply.


Amicalola was busy with people and bees. Super friendly customer service in person also! For just $35 a night you get electric, water, showers and free laundry! Lodge is open 24 hours and sells the snacks and wood. Score! Only downfall was the 25% incline hill we had to chug up to get to the campground.


The lodge is open 24 hrs and sells the snacks and firewood. We thought we were all the further up we could go, boy we were wrong on that and found out riding bikes. Well half the trip was walking them going to see if maybe just maybe the lodge had laundry soap. They do not carry any fyi. So that was a great workout lol insane hills here.

While setting up camp we noticed a big rig rv parked near the dump station for quite some time.  A couple tow trucks came and left. Here they had hit a weak spot or something and broke the covering to the dump station tank aka “the shit hole”  Thank the lord the station was located right in the beginning of the campground but we had to pass it to get to any trailheads. I could only imagine how those people felt by the end of the night they had a visit from the sheriff and DNR.

I was motivated to get things done tonight and spent it chilling and blogging between loads of laundry. We ended up using water downed febreeze for some aroma. It worked!

Jason and I stayed up till 2 am folding laundry, enjoying some cold ones and playing uno again. The war is on!!!

In the middle of the night even with the entire dump station area caution taped off and an obnoxious smell some family came in decided to still use it. Like seriously people!

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