RV Life: Oak Point Campground


Tuesday April 16th 2019

Day 4


Woke up early with Phoenix so we enjoyed breakfast together while watching the plentiful amount of squirrels and birds. One of which tried to literally jump in our RV only to find the shut window.


I went for a little campground jaunt after that and found a way better site we needed to snag. It was on the lake and very close to the playground! Ran back to tell the boys of my discovery and to move her over.


While camp was being packed I made a quick 1 mile run along the lake then ran to pay for another night. Trails here were just perfect for easy trail running. The perfect spot was followed by the longest perfect day. Weather was beautiful, very warm with just the right breeze. Spent the day finally de-winterizing the RV, fixing Jason’s bike, doing good ole camp style laundry, and Phoenix even washed his Mama Dinosaur, if you know him and the damn armless t-rex you would find this shocking. Played at the park, took many walks to the lake to chill in the hammock and for Phoenix to throw rocks in. He is getting a pretty good arm.


Refreshing afternoon snack of “ants on the log” reenergized us for a 2 mile bike ride. On the ride we discovered lots of bees, and a family finally helped us figure out the name of the “purple trees”, Redbuds.


Shawnee National Forest had the 1st of what I have seen, a mobile tour. You could use your phone to either scan the code or make a call for a certain point within the forest to obtain more info. Pretty nifty if you ask me.


Now we did all of this before 3 pm. The day that would never end, not a bad thing, continued with margarita’s, gathering of firewood and just chilling. Being able to finally cook over a fire made me realize just how much I missed this and how excited I am to get out west where we can camp for full weeks and try out all those pinterest ideas!! Tonight’s dinner was one cast iron pan full of green beans and brats cooking in coconut oil.


Phoenix was done with the day and we could tell so we spoiled him with a movie and supper in bed.  Movie of his choice was How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Jason and I walked down to the lake to take in the multi colored sunset. After a bit he went up to check on Phoenix and ended up falling asleep. I made home in the hammock to watch the sun sink down to final rest.


Start Living

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