RV Life: Day 2 – Illinois Family

Sunday April 14th 2019

Waking up late it was a quick breakfast and an expensive Wal-Mart run but I suppose that’s what they hope for allowing free parking in most of their lots. Phoenix got to help scan everything through and he was all sorts of excited. Reminded me of when I was younger after shopping at Woodmans I would have to “beep” everything again on our kitchen counter before my parents could put it away.


I have never been a fan of Illinois driving and I was quickly reminded why, absolutely  nothing around. Staying off the interstate and main highways may have made that worse lol. Lots of flooding in the northern area, some cool bridges and odd signs.


Did we leave Wisconsin??

Best sign I was unable to get a pic of was on a gym and it said “No Excuses here, just Great Butts.” How perfect right!

Making it to my aunts house near Pana IL closer to 7 we were only able to stay a short bit but it was good visit filled with laughs , shares and of course a couple cold ones! Being I only get to see her like once a year at our annual couch burning but turns out we wont be there for that and nor will the yard for the party. Things are changing.

Speaking change I was able to meet my cousin’s wife and their newest cute fury addition. Phoenix loved playing with the kitty.

Saying goodbye and parting ways we heading for the next nearest Walmart. Landing us in Vandalia, Illinois and we were not the only ones with truckers galore and about 5 other RV’s.

Keep following! Trust me things only get more interesting as we explore what the US has to offer.

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