The Journey Begins


Saturday April 13th 2019

Our final day! After a nerve wrecking call from my parents last night are “to do list” consisted of finding Butternut, picking up the damn 1st dvd of That 70’s Show we kept forgetting and say goodbye to my parents. The hardest goodbye.

Meeting at the shop to bid my parents farewell is where I started to get the butterflies. Was all this the right decision? I know Phoenix is not going to remember most of this so is this the right time? What if we break down and have no way back? Will Phoenix get homesick? What could all happen out there?

Saying goodbye to my parents was the hardest one but damnit I held it together pretty damn well. Their support is simply amazing, taking on 4 of our animals. Even though I do believe there is an ulterior motive behind all that. I mean that’s one hell of a way to make sure I come back to Wisconsin. I would not be surprised if Jason was working along with them. With Mom only being on lunch break it made this process even harder. Thanks again Dad for all the last minute items quite a few have already been used.

Ugh cant even talk about Trixie right now. Miss you babies!



Got our family picture with the RV, gave dad all the hugs I could and we were on our way. Stopping for our final Sparta Kwik Trip run for Jason to air up the tires and me to say last goodbyes there. However that did not go as planned being I was still crying from saying goodbye to the parents and Trixie that I hurried through the store. Plus the air wasn’t working properly so Jason  called up his brother which made it perfect being we were not able to give them a personal goodbye yet.

0413191350.jpgJust a couple random stops and one more family member to see and we would officially be on the road!

Stopping by my aunt Paula’s house in Onalaska Phoenix was surprised with more Dinosaurs to play with and even books!! Thanks again Paula we have read one of the books every night so far.

Fazoli’s in La Crosse was our first out to eat bill and first experience eating in the RV while sitting in a parking lot. Strange things to get use to but putting a stop to eating out right now. We got a budget to keep especially with our gas guzzler.

Finally this was the moment that made it real. Hopping on highway 35 to follow the river as long as we could. Going through the rockfall area was nerve wrecking considering one just recently happened.

We called her night around Platteville WI and parked in our first of many Wal-Marts.

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