Failed Launch

Friday April 12 2019

So our original game plan was to depart April 1st but life didn’t like that option so we pushed things back till we were 100% ready to set off.

Fast forward to April 12th. Narrowing down the final to do’s the night before we woke this morning with every intention of finally taking off for our 6 month journey. This was the day we turned in the keys to the house I made home for the past 6 years, ran the final items to storage and stored our cars. Parking our cars for the final time was such a surreal feeling. RV was now all we had.

Our whole house and 3 out buildings down to a 10×10 Storage Unit

Now came the goodbyes. My good friend since childhood came over with her son so the boys could play together for a bit. All of it just didn’t seem real yet that I just could not bring myself to say a full goodbye. Thankfully I didn’t because she was able to stop by once a again with both kids to say a more proper “see ya later” this is when the tears started flowing. I going to miss her and the kids dearly. Hoping they can make a trip out sometime this summer!


Filling the propane and stopping by a local bike shop were the only things left to do at this point. Shout out to Anotherwalkinthepark for helping Jason and I understand our propane and use better. Obviously we are complete newbies with so much to learn. We appreciate your help and generosity. During this excursion is when we decided we were pushing our limits if we took off tonight due to the high winds. Our decision was to make rounds around town saying one more goodbye to family and friends while finally being able to show a completed RV.  Don’t worry that showcase is coming soon for all of you!

First stop my gma Sharon’s house! She was one of the family members who stepped up and adopted one of our cats, Applejacks. They are the perfect pair as all he wants is endless attention. So we were dropping off some needed cat items for him when my parents rolled up for a surprising visit. The next couple hours were very joyous with the family together, Phoenix and grandpa wrestling, family pictures and final goodbyes.

Phoenix sure loved his time spent with grandpa!

Last stop of the night was another good friends place for that one last round of fireball together! Chilling and bullshitting with them for a few good hours made it slowly start to sink in what we will be missing out on in the upcoming months. All those damn good grill outs, bonfires and cornhole.


We left their driveway to park in ours for one final time. Getting a bit choked up reliving it already. Fell asleep to That 70’s Show. Our cold Wisconsin nights were finally coming to an end.

Start Living



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