Week 24: Dry Creek Bed in Colorado Pawnee Buttes!

Pawnee Buttes National Grassland by itself is a remarkable place to experience all on its own with unique buttes eroded in time jutting out of open grassland some majestic 300 feet tall. Yes man has left its mark on this beautiful area with windmills sporadically thrown about, frac mining and herds of cows literally roaming free but nonetheless this is still a one and only place to explore.


Finding this place the way we did was an adventure all on its own to enjoy the experience yourself read through Road Trip: Day 7 – FINALLY COLORADO MOUNTAIN’S

We woke to the best hiking weather one could have considering the time of year, decided on a quick breakfast and made our way down the hill for the hiking trails. We camped up on the ridge so it was a sketchy walk through the field dodging plants with what seemed like razor blades on them, new critters and cow pies.

Walking to Buttes Trail

Eventually you meet a fence, once through we stayed on trail to left, leading you down into the wonders of the Pawnee Buttes dry creek bed. Once through the creek bed area you hit wide open field again leading you to great photo ops of buttes.

Buttes fence


Make sure you are taking your time along the way and enjoy nature in the most simple form. Get up close and personal with the little guys hidden among the vegetation, feel the creek bed and wonder what it has been through . Admire the cactus with care, be weary of bees and try to find the small section swarming with dragonflies.


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Please check out the video below! A quick 60 second overview of our adventure thru Pawnee Buttes National Grassland.


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