Week 21: Green Coulee Park


Back in May as things were gearing up for our Road Trip,  3 Wks, 9 States, 3600 Miles. I made one big trip to La Crosse to get the last little bit of money possible by selling some things to second hand shops. My brother Cole decided to hitch a ride with Phoenix and I so we could all go check out a new trail while in the area.

Phoenix and I were just in the same area hiking a couple weeks back and my curiosity was killing me to see the rest of the trails. Week 19: A Gem Finally Discovered. We parked at the trailhead located at the end of the very steep Clifford Drive again. Headed down the same Savanah Oaks trail as week 19 but instead of left at the junction that took you uphill we went right for the downhill that turns into Green Coulee trails. Going right was way different than the uphill portion, the trail narrows into a single file track that is some what overgrown and you can tell the coming back up is going to be interesting.

green coulee

Glad we hit this trail during the time of year we did as the mosquitos were few and far between besides one spot. I don’t even want to imagine the swarm we would encounter now. Mosquitos are horrible this year along with those damn gnats.

green coulee 1

I’m not good with flower names or anything but these soft purple flowers lined the trail for majority of the way and we rather enjoyed their beauty. Along with what I believe to be Lady Slippers. Like I said don’t quote me on this I’m just good at hiking lol. Input is always welcome!

green coulee 3green coulee 2

Continuing are beauty hike admiring all those flowers, sunshine rays through the tree line and the large rocks that would pop up along the ridgeline far above us. Putting that thought of the uphill is going to be brutal even closer to the top of my thought list. Then we come upon this. green coulee 4

Very long, large rope tied off to I’m honestly not quite sure what as the fact this rope was even here and what it meant took over my whole thought process. Driving in the fact the uphill indeed will be a brutally interesting adventure. I say brutally because I’m hauling another little but heavy human on my back along with our usually hiking supplies. My never ending wonder as to whats around the corner trumps almost everything and down we went.

This steep graded hill brings you to the bottom of a “swampy” area. Not major swamp just a bunch of pooled up water sporadically placed. You know what likes pooled water? If you said those blood sucking annoying creatures that seem to really have no purpose on this earth you guessed correctly. Mosquitos! This was the only area that was horrible on our hike. Had us picking up the pace in no time.

Finally we came out to our turnaround point where the trail meets the road. I have no pictures after this point as I focused on just going uphill back to the car and honestly my overwhelming long to do list that had to be done before we left for our 3 week adventure. green coulee 6

green coulee 5

I would like say to whoever put that rope in, THANK YOU!!!

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