Road Trip: Day 1 – A Rough Start

Planning a 3 week Road Trip is a very interesting and meticulous task, one I was super happy to take on. Budget, where to camp, meals, miles/time in between, attractions, resupplies, most importantly how to entertain a 2 year old without losing your sanity and etc. Hard work, saving like crazy and lots of research later we finally had it planned out. I will dive more into that topic in another blog but for now lets get to the good stuff, cause guys we pulled it off! Successfully road tripped with our Toddler through 9 states for over 3600 miles in 3 weeks in June of 2018. 🚙 3 Wks, 9 States, 3600 Miles 🗻

June 4th, 2018, finally the day was here to cure some of this painstaking wanderlust case I caught (if only you could hear me laughing right now because all this road trip did was make that wanderlust even worse to the point I don’t know if I can hold off until April when we leave for our Grand Adventure, *BIG ANNOUNCEMENT*.)

We did not get off to the best start possible as Phoenix and I had caught a cold and were still in the misery process of trying to get rid of it. We even debated staying home one more night for some good rest but nothing in my body said yes. My heart was set on hitting the road. So we packed up the rest of our gear, all our gear for the next 3 weeks in our SUV!! Two more important stops and we are off to fulfil dreams. 1st stop parents bait shop to drop our dog off with Grandpa. Thank the lord for that stop as Jason forgot to zip up our top rack cargo bag, my jewelry box came tumbling our but miraculously in the parking lot and stayed shut, by jewelry box I mean a smaller tackle box that works perfectly for organizing. 2nd stop assuring our prized possessions in the safety of family members. Finally 2.5 hours after our goal leave time we set off for our most epic adventure yet. Wasn’t the start we all wanted but it was the start.

Taking I-90 out of town, sunshine welcoming our adventure sending us on our way with the heavenly rays beaming down. Not being this way in awhile I forgot how luscious the woods surrounding the interstate were, vibrant green trees made even more beautiful by those sun rays.

Hoping to make it to Blue Earth but stopping short near Albert Lea at Myre-Big Island State Park. The nicest older lady tending the visitor center was so friendly and helpful. Being a Monday and 8:30pm she was starting to shut down early then we showed up, most people would be extremely irritated by this but she welcomed us in asking all sorts of curious questions and intrigued by the answers so much to keep the conversation going for almost 15 mins till we remembered it was getting dark  and we needed to get camp set up. She got us a site, firewood and wished us the best of luck on our adventurous journey.

In total we paid $34. $21 for the nonelectric campsite, $7 for Minnesota State Park Day Pass and $6 for a bundle of wood. NOTE: You can not gather wood at this particular State Park.

The campsite was very spacious and had a tent pad for once.

Campsite the morning of leaving.

Setting up in the near dark or dark is nothing new to us, thankfully the bugs left us alone this time around. Being we were just staying a night camp was quick and simple getting us around the fire in no time. This is when it sunk in that we are finally doing this, something we worked hard for, it was here. A freeing feeling over took my whole body and I literally starting dancing around the fire. Arms spread out as if flying feeling like a kid again. Refreshing.


Phoenix absolutely loved being able to stay up with us and enjoy the fire for once.

He slept quite well that night 🙂

See that armless yellow T-Rex there, ya get use to seeing that thing. Phoenix calls her “mama dinosaur” and she goes everywhere with him.

Jason and Phoenix are lucky in the fact that they can pretty much sleep through anything. I was kept awake till almost midnight by our neighbors who were not so quietly fighting and kept slamming doors shut on their vehicles. I’m not one to get involved or call the cops but they were pushing that last button. I sat up giving them one more chance and thank the lord they took. Quiet ensued and finally rest came. Rest that was very much needed.

That was our crazy hectic start to our 2018 Road Trip. Keep following along things only keep getting interesting.

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  1. Okay, was a rough start, but you did it 🙂 Always good to just go and not look back…..the past you can’t change…..what’s ahead of you is the only thing that counts !
    Can’t wait to read more ……and btw….I admire your patience with your “neighbors” !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessica says:

      We always seem to have rough starts with any adventuring so we are definitely getting better at anything thrown our way. As for the neighbors they were at the very last tip of my patience. I don’t understand how some people can be so carelessly to their surroundings. They also had a younger daughter with them that made me want to end it even more but sometimes interfering makes things worse.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Meghan says:

    Wow, so exciting! Eager to read the rest of your adventures!


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