Week 20: Kayaking the Kickapoo Instead……..

So I’m going to admit I chose Kayaking down the Kickapoo with a good friend over my week 20 hike. Hey I was still outside enjoying everything mother nature had to offer plus my time with Leni was limited as her career was taking her on a new journey. We had planned on a very long hike complied of several trails in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. Swinging in a boat landing to see if it was where our trailhead started, it was not, we caught a glimpse of the river with the sun glistening calling out summer vibes plus Leni has been wanting to check it out. We were sold and back to the small town of Ontario we went for some kayaking. First stopping at the even smaller gas station for some twisted teas, snacks and very overpriced sunscreen, seriously you could buy almost 3 cans at Wal-Mart for the price of one here, just a tid bit to keep in mind.

Resupplied and ready to go we head down to Titanic Canoe Rentals. Check out my Camp Wisconsin: Titanic Canoe Rental…Canoe all day and stay night!! blog on more in depth info about the canoe outfitter. I have been going to this particular business for years, since I was first introduced to canoeing down the Kickapoo around 19 years old.

We were the only ones there when arriving making us unsure if it was even open being it was before Memorial Day but he sure was. Walking down to the river I was getting super giddy as I have not been kayaking in awhile. Jason and I use to canoe/kayak this river a handful of times every summer back in our “prekid” days. Reliving the glory days lol

The river was fast flowing this time around. Didn’t even have to get out once and scoot the kayak, most days that’s just part of a Kickapoo trip. Gorgeous as usually but with some new “décor.” Record flooding occurred last summer and left some debris scattered along the way like a canoe, children’s pool, a table, fencing, pallets and more. I could not believe how high the water level rose. You could still see the water line on the rocks and at almost double or more my height the trees still had remnants of the grasses that got caught in the branches. Insane!

Leni and I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent on the river. Awesome weather, unique scenery only to be seen on the river and great conversation despite her thinking nothing smart comes out of my mouth (if you read this Leni that one was for you lol). Plus the small rapids to make things extra interesting. Turns out a little more water gets in a kayak then the canoe.

Once to the park, our pickup location, we tried getting a quick hike in but did not have sufficient time to do so. We at least got to tease ourselves with a tiny bit of trail.

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  1. What an awesome trip !! Love that you two went by kayak……but I need to know….how do you go down a rapid AND be able to make a perfect photo of it without tipping over ?! I would have probably drowned trying to do that 😉 So great that you two took the opportunity to do that trip and enjoy that time together….priceless !!!
    You definitely are a one of a kind outdoor “girl” …..and this is meant to be the biggest compliment I can offer 🙂
    Take care, enjoy life and stay true to yourself….your the best !!!

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  2. Ups, of course I meant “you’re the best” 😉

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  3. Jessica says:

    Apologize for the late response here we were camping when this came in. The GoPro helps me get the best shots. I turned it on video and hoped for the best going down the rapid cause my knees were the only thing holding on to it lol. It was interesting as this was my first time being able to bring the GoPro on the river and so glad I did for Leni and I to get some good shots of us together.

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  4. Jessica says:

    p.s Thank you by the way 🙂

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