🚙 3 Wks, 9 States, 3600 Miles 🗻


Holy S**T! We just killed it!! On June 4th 2018, Jason and I’s 5 year anniversary we packed up our toddler along with what we needed to survive and set out on our most epic adventure yet, a 3 week Road Trip. That’s a big yet by the way, 278 days till our GRAND ADVENTURE! Read here about what that entails – *BIG ANNOUNCEMENT*!


View from Scarp Ridge Trail. Crested Butte, Colorado.

3 Weeks, 9 States and over 3600 miles.

725 to 12,202 Feet Elevation.

Gorgeous blue skies to tornado sirens.

National Parks, Forest and Grasslands.

Free campsites to a cabin in Crested Butte, Colorado.

First Mountain Hike and Train Ride.

State High Point Hikes

Moose, lizards and lightening bugs.

Toddler insanity, missed turns, sketchy areas.

Tears of sadness and utter happiness.

All of this for smiles and memories that will last a lifetime!

All of this because of our love for adventure and wanderlust!


Yea we walked that!! Royal Gorge Bridge, Canon City, Colorado.

We had one hell of a time and would love to share our adventure along with tips and tricks on how to make it happen with you so keep those eyes peeled for blogs to follow. Plus lots and I mean lots of pictures and videos.

Black Elk Peak, South Dakota. State high point at 7,242 ft.

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  1. How wonderful !! Can’t wait to read all about it !! You guys are amazing and an inspiration for us all !! Oh, and of course congrats to your anniversary !! So great to have someone with the same ideas and interests to share your passion and of course, love, with !! Take care and wishing you three many more years of time to spend together and enjoy life’s adventures 🙂


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