Week 18: Halfway Creek Trail

Taking it to Holmen Wisconsin this time around to a very well kept and stunningly beautiful trail considering the location. We started at the Halfway Creek Park trailhead right inside of town and not to long on the trail you forget all about the town that is literally just a few tree lines away. The people of the Holmen area have a wonderful trail right at their fingertips. Something like this would be amazing to have in the hometown. I’m assuming this trail gets some heavy use, first I have saw of this. 5k

trailbridge 2bridge

The trial follows along pretty close to the creek most of the time with several new bridges to keep your feet dry along the way. The sandbag wall was a head scratching image. As to why they are placed there and exactly for what I’m not to sure, but neat nonetheless.

sandbag wall

Stopping on one of those bridges to attempt our family selfie. Only way we get one is to have it on video mode then pick the best frame lol. Getting a toddler especially Phoenix to smile when wanted is half impossible.


He was having a blast though.

Ended this amazing family hike with a another gorgeous sunset.

sun going down

If you are ever in the area I suggest you check out this trail!

Big thanks to all you following along!!

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