Week 17: Kettle Moraine Southern Unit

This weeks hike was the weekend of my Solo Trip. Check out my blog First Solo Weekend for all the excitement and achievement that happened all in one weekend!!

While camping by myself in Delafield Wisconsin for my first 10k trail race I was able to get a real good hike in the day before. Busting out 4.5-5 miles of the race run route and not being distracted by the Ice Age Trail this time as the week before, Week 16: Lapham Peak.  Unlike last weeks adventure this time around was tremendously more dry and a lot less snow.

Starting in the same parking lot I headed out determined to get a good look at what exactly I was in for, for tomorrows run. Obviously it followed along the wide ski paths for most the time but did make its way thru the single track Ice Age Trail for a large uphill portion. wide trail

Not to long into the hike I had a stare down and selfie moment with a deer. Hiking along I spotted one deer leap off into the wooded area and did not notice the second one that had stayed behind to graze until I was quite close. See if you can spot the deer in the pic below.

with deer

Stopping for lunch on a perfectly placed bench in the more “remote section” of the trails. On the menu was a yummy mountain house meal. Nice, easy and quick way to get lunchtime done quickly with a good amount of calories to keep ya trekking.

lunch spotlunch

dd I definitely needed those extra calories for the hills that had already past and were to come.

Example of hill

Can you see those two specs of people at the top of this hill and I have to run this thing the next day…………regret may or may not have been slowly sinking in on signing up for this 10k.

Nearing the end of my hike I had another close wildlife encounter although this time geese were letting me get unusually close to them. Figuring they would fly off for sure as I neared them I had to get the go pro out anyways and sure glad I did as they were not threatened by my presence by any means.


To end the hike was another what seemed 90 degree hill again what the hell did I get myself into for this race.

Thanks again for following along on anther hike. Hope you have started to get out on some of your own!!!

For those of you wondering I did place in the 10k!! 3rd place in age group 19-29!! Trained hard for 2 months and it paid off nothing more satisfying than that.


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