Lets Love our Earth a little Everyday :)

Did anyone get out and about on this beautiful Earth Day? I myself may not have done anything significant towards Earth particularly on Earth Day as I spent the day road tripping and hiking a new state park with my son but I did appreciate how wondrous Mother Nature was looking and the fact that we get the chance to enjoy her and her glory everyday.

About a month ago when the snow finally started to melt I was out running and noticed how disgusting the side of the roads were looking. It blew my mind that they could possibly be that horrible but they were. I decided to take it into my own hands and start the cleanup process. The first day I was only able to cover a HALF MILE on ONE SIDE OF THE ROAD and filled 3 GARBAGE BAGS!! Reread that and let it sink in for a minute. 1 for cans, 1 for garbage and 1 for recyclables. The 2nd round of cleanup wasn’t as horrid as I was able to cover more ground including both sides of the road but still was 3 bags and then some. I brought along a bike trailer and thought I wasn’t going to be able to get everything all home. I literally found everything from plastic bottles, cans, 6 pack rings, liquor bottles, broken mop buckets, food wrappers, diapers, roofing parts, and everything in between. This was a huge eye opener as to how we people truly treat our earth. The road I was on is less than a mile away from town and a gas station. How hard is it to simply wait and put your trash in the respected cans there? All together 1.5 miles of road are freshly cleaned and ready for viewing! It was very refreshing to run the route after clean up.

1st Day of Mission clean up Run Route
cleanup 1
1st Day of Mission cleanup run route. 
cleanup 12
Not even a full mile. 
cleanup 2
2nd Day of Mission cleanup run route. 
clean up all together
Both days together 

I’m just hoping to get more people thinking about their actions. Put a bag in your car just for garbage and separate recyclables when you get home this is one thing that my family and I do.

Please remember that Leave No Trace applies to life in general and not just camping.

All in all I truly hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day and at least got outside to appreciate what we have.

Thank you all for interest!!

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