Week 13: Ice Ice Baby at Perrot State Park

One of my favorite places to visit close to home for  hiking with a view is Perrot State Park. Also houses some amazing trail running. I’m not kidding when I say the views can compete with Devils Lake State Park

One of my favorite places to visit close to home for  hiking with a view is Perrot State Park. Also houses some amazing trail running. I’m not kidding when I say the views can compete with Devils Lake State Park.

Perrot State Park is located in the small village of Trempealeau right along the mighty Mississippi River which helps aid the beauty. All the trails here seem to be somewhat demanding and challenging. In fact the very first time we ever visited here there was an older lady who had collapsed from over exhaustion. Her partner had been saying they were only hiking for less than hour. Thankfully someone was able to communicate with help and they got their quickly. She was just fine but this makes me what to beg everyone to know your limit and know what your about to endure. Talk to the park rangers at the entrance or better yet call ahead and ask questions, they are paid to know this and help you.

Every sort of stair type you can think of exist here. We always start our hikes parking near the boat landing and start on the Brady’s Bluff Trail which is only half mile long but all uphill with tons of wooden steps as shown below. The view at summit is all worth it.

wood stairs

Once you get past all the wooden steps and the motivational sneak peeks at the various view points. You start in on some awesome stone steps that at some points can get a claustrophobic persons heart racing at points. You’ll have to scroll back up to the top and watch the video to find out what I mean.

Stone Steps
Stone steps.
perrot state park family 2
One of the motivational viewpoints.

Wooden steps finish off the last part of Brady’s Bluff trail as you reach the summit. Told ya there were steps galore, this is just the first half mile of our hike. Don’t worry there is a shelter as you can see to relax and catch your breath.

Log Steps

While I was taking video of this area Jason was working with Phoenix on a new song. This is to adorable and funny to miss.

I understand if ya need a minute to stop laughing I have watched this video a hundred times and still gut laugh every time.

After this shenanigans we finally reached the summit of Brady’s Bluff. Now catch your breath if the view doesn’t take it away again. Looking out at the mighty Mississippi River, Trempealeau Bay and the surrounding bluffs. Gorgeous!! If you get real lucky there will be eagles soaring around along with a couple other type of birds. We took a nice long break, caught our breath and tried to soak up the view as much as possible.

log cabin shelter

perrot state park family


Continuing on the down the trail we started in on the small set of switchbacks down the hill having a view of the river the whole time till you enter the wooded area.


Eventually made our way to the start of the Perrot Ridge Trail which is near park headquarters. Portion of this trail is closed as been since last year due to a washout. So we did what we could then took the ski trail back to starting point. Pics below are some of what you will encounter on Perrot Ridge Trail. Looks rough but Jason and I live for this type of hiking  challenges. Got to work for that next view.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR1303.JPGperrot ridge

There the Brady’s Bluff that we were just on a bit ago. We were hiking for about 3 hours this day and covered about 4.5-5 miles cant quite remember the exact.

bradys bluff

We followed the tail around the ridge taking shots of us hiking with our “camera crew.” When I was setting up for one of the shots I literally put the go pro stand right in a pile of coyote waste. Out of all inches of the trail that I apparently wasn’t looking at I find the few inches with coyote waste. My luck I tell ya lol

While I’m thinking about it I do want to mention how clean and up kept this park is. There was the occasional can or something down the hill way off trail but I only had to pick up a snickers wrapper. I was very impressed by this especially compared to another state park we were just at recently. That’s to come in week 15. (yea I’m a little behind here)

Any who we reach the closed of section of Perrot Ridge Trail and turn down the ski trail. Last summer when we were on this ski trail we were practically running to save our blood the mosquitos were just horrid. Bug spray or not just horrid.

To finish off our hike we took the Riverview Trail back to the boat landing where we park. I love this trail for trail running it has a little bit of everything you need to train for one. It does follow along the river but doesn’t give you the views you make think when reading the name plus extremely close to the rail road tracks. Phoenix loved that part thou. We let Phoenix get out and walk as long as he could on this one considering there were not huge hills to climb. He did so awesome practically running down the trail and was able to witness another train up close.

mom sonfavorite parkgorgeous

Ended the hike with this gorgeous shot!

Thanks again for all your interest and coming along on another hike.

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  1. That little man of yours is going to have quite a story to tell when he is all grown up. He is so adorable and he sings…too cute. Thanks for taking us on another beautiful nature hike. photos and videos are gorgeous.


  2. Can just agree with “ourlittleredhouseblog”…..cute, great trip and awesome photos and the video……heartwarming 🙂 !!


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