Week 11: Blonde moments, wrong turns but lots of laughter…no Winding Trail is not on the map!!


Huge blonde moment, wrong turns, gigantic hill to start but a lot of laughs describe this hike. Plus I didn’t have to carry another little human on my back for the first time in a very long time. A big shout out and huge thank you to my sister and brother in law for taking Phoenix for the day so Eleni and I could get out and enjoy the woods together without worries. Very much appreciated!

We made the 40 min drive down past the small capital of canoeing town Ontario, back into the land of valleys and ridges to enter Wildcat State Park and take a gander at there trails. We opted to try out some of their horse trails.

wildcate state park

Our first part of the journey did not goes as planned as we missed our turn completely towards the top of hill we did not find this out till the end of our journey. There was plenty of snow to be tromping through and we were initially following the earlier made set of tracks. This is what sort of mislead us I think plus parts of the trail really need some signage help. After finally making it to the top of the gigantic hill, having a 6 pack and a few hours of sleep the night before did not help the situation or muscles. The hill is huge!! We followed along a cornfield and spotted some orange triangle signs indicating snowmobile trail we cut over to that and started following it. Another sign that was along the way was a winding trail sign. This is where my ridiculous blonde moment starts to take shape and I mean ridiculous. We keep on following this snowmobile trail down the very slippery hill catching ourselves from falling quite a few times.

Snowmobile downhill

Until we come out to an opening and private property sign.

Orange signs and private property

This is where we are starting to realize we must have gotten off the trail but where. We keep heading down till we just cant anymore. At least the view was pretty decent.

BLONDE MOMENT Eleni takes a look at the map and I’m like is winding trail even on the map as if it was an actually trail!!!!!! Dying of laughter still here. Winding trail was never even a name of a damn trail it was just warning snowmobiles of the nature of upcoming trail. My lord help me at this point lol She was just listing of some very interesting facts of animals and my last sentence before the blonde moment was I wonder what the world looks like to an ant. Seriously the embarrassment was unreal but what the hell. After some awkward laughing we started our way back to find where we went wrong. Back up the hills and to the cornfield.

Still not finding where we went wrong we opted to just go back to our starting point at the bottom of the ridiculously huge hill and try a different trail that would lead us around. Good call. Starting point was a horse campground area with corrals and all.

horse corral

Fresh start to our hike with the Red Horse Trail started with a small creek crossing. Love my waterproof Merrell shoes for these situations. As long as the water isn’t over ankle high depth we are all good to go. I will admit thou that my shoes and socks were pretty wet by the end of the hike with trudging through all that snow. First time my feet have ever been wet in the shoes. Thank goodness for boot dryers.

creek crossing

The rest of our hike was filled with getting to know each other conversation which was very enjoyable. I have finally found someone who enjoys nature and hiking as much as I do and am very grateful for it plus extremely interesting. Doesn’t get better than that.

Finally to the top of another hill, true valley and ridge area, we chose to make the little side trip to Johnnycake Overlook which was well worth the very short distance. This was the only place we ran into people. There were 3 individuals enjoying the overlook themselves. johnny cake

johnny cake overlook

Such a beautiful view. A place where I could indulge in a good book for hours glancing up at the peaceful view every now and again. Now if there was good sturdy trees for a hammock it would be a 10 out of 10 spot. There’s just something about “Wisconsin mountains.”

We tried our best at getting a good photo between the laughter.


Jes and Leni

Taking a minute for a couple snacks and the view then packing up and continuing on down the trail to run into a very mysterious unusual sight. An old vehicle on its side up against some trees. Very curious as to how the car ended in such a fate.


Car on side

After the unusual sight, couple more miles of beautiful winter hiking and more intriguing conversation our hike was coming to an end. Not with out us finally realizing where exactly we went wrong in the beginning. I’m telling ya the trails truly need some signage help. It may be easier to spot without snow on the ground but there was not one track that way.

By far a very enjoyable hike and hope to do another long one again with my fine friend before she takes off on her next adventure.

Thanks for all your interest!!

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  1. Still laughing 🙂 What a great and fun post !!! And I’m so glad you got some “me time” with your friend ….. always important to get a little time out for yourself and remember you’re not only a mom 😉 And girl……going on a hike like that with a couple hours of sleep and a 6 pack in your system……Kudos 😉 !!

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