Washington Island and the Ferry Ride over!!

Join us on our adventure of getting to and exploring Washington Island Wisconsin!

Washington Island is the 2nd to furthest point of Door County, Rock Island is just another ferry ride over from Washington Island. Ferry Ride’s are offered all year round to Washington Island. This was not part of our original plan but once I found out about it we just had to check it out. Round trip cost us $13.50 per adult and $26 for the SUV, Phoenix was free. Now this was our first time ever with a ferry experience so we were not quite sure how it all worked. Turns out you just drive right up to the toll booth, pay and wait for them to direct you and your vehicle onto the ferry. Not knowing this we had found a parking spot and walked up to the booth first. Thankfully they understood first timers and were very helpful and polite. For more info and prices on ferry rides visit Washington Island Ferry Line

The drive to the ferry landing was extremely scenic and one I will not soon forget. It was Door County’s Coastal Byway. This is a must do when in Door County. 66 miles of pristine beauty going up one side of the peninsula and coming back down the other. Starting just outside of Sturgeon Bay traveling all the way up to Gills Rock along highway 57 then highway 42 back down to the starting point.  The infamous wavy road that one thinks of when people mention Door County is along this way.

door county wavy road

Ferry ride over takes about 30 mins and seems to go by way to fast. The beauty and sense of freedom from floating on top of such a large body of water will overcome you and put you in your happy place, at least that’s how I was feeling. Phoenix on the other hand was having some mixed feelings between the wind and I’m assuming the rocking of the boat had him on edge a bit also. The wind was quite blustery that day but the sun was just a shining and provided that comforting warmth only the sun can give. The ferry has plenty of seating and viewing areas. The inside cabin has tables where you could enjoy a lunch or snack on the way over, benches outside near front and back of the ferry also.

Only example of seating I got. Again wasn’t thinking of blogging during this time.

Another fun fact to know about this ferry ride is it crosses what is know as Death’s Door. A passageway that has taken many lives in past late history with the French and Indians.



Don’t worry we all had sunscreen on.

Getting ready to the mainland port. 




Along the way over you pass another small island called Plum Island. I tried my best to snap some pics with an extended lens and somewhat steady legs.


Just a few more pics from the ride because we had an absolute blast.



Once on the Island we started cruising around to see what we could get into within the few hours we had before having to catch the ferry back to the mainland.



First stop was the sign, its just a must to always get a picture. Second stop was Mountain Park and the observation tower. Just a very short hike to the tower stairs and a magnificent view once to the top.


Third stop was a rare one of kind beach, Schoolhouse Beach. Instead of the typical sand that lines most beaches this one is covered in glacier polished white limestone pebbles. Pebbles so rare and precious that a ban was placed on taking them off the property. Was quite a unique sight but very uncomfortable on the feet. Jason stayed back with Phoenix while I somewhat ran out and went for a dive. We even got to build our very first stone cairn!!


This place was just absolutely gorgeous and I truly did not want to leave the vibe of the whole area wasn’t helping my cause either. Everyone was in their own happy content mindset enjoying the natural wonder of mother nature and all her glory. But eventually are time came and we had to start heading back towards the ferry. On the cruise back over we stopped at a cute quaint gift shop and got our postcards. Like most people that is our thing to get post cards from all the unusually places we visit.

We made it back to the Ferry with just a few minutes to spare, thank the lord. Would have been a bad situation as once we hit the mainland it was time to start the long journey back home. We always cut our adventure very close to Jason having to go back to work.

Once again thanks for all your interest. If you ever make your way to Door County I highly suggest a ferry ride and tour of Washington Island. A lot of people like to bike around or rent a moped. If we did not have Phoenix that would have been the game plan.

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This was Part 3 of a our Door County Experience you can check out Part 1 Camp Wisconsin: Peninsula State Park, Door County…..Niagara Escarpment, Horseshoe Island and Eagle Trail! This is a must. Part 2 Our first “Touristy” Vacation and Goats on the Roof!!!

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  1. Your posts just always want to make me hop in my car and see for myself what you’re writing about 🙂 ! Love the pic of the crisscross road and I don’t know if it was intentionally but I think it’s really cool that you can see Jason’s reflection in your sunglasses…..oh, and Phoenix’s smile ……priceless 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessica says:

      I’m glad that’s your feeling when reading, that’s my goal to motivate people to get out and explore. I have seen photos of the wavy road so many times and couldn’t wait to get my own. Thanks for pointing that out about Jason that wasn’t intentional but kind a cool. The picture with Phoenix and I is one of my favorite from that age although that is so hard to say cause I’m picture fanatic and love just about every one that has him in it. Hope all is going well in Nova Scotia. Still bummed about the whole Canada thing 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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