What the hell just happened? Weekend WAS amazing……..


I’m just going to go ahead a put a WARNING on this. Language may not be appropriate for some readers, especially towards the end of my weekend. Also if you have a weak stomach like I apparently do my Sunday happenings may not be for you.

Lets start with Friday morning at work where I splash hot sausage grease all over my face, neck and chest while serving all the cadets. That brought me from 0 to 10 quicker than you can say it. I get all cleaned up and decided not to go back to the serving line to give myself a brief cooling off moment so the rest of the day could a bit smoother. Hoping that would be the worst of my problems, which for Friday it was. Friday afternoon the weather was so beautiful Jason busted out the bikes (pedal bikes that is)! Spent some time on a lovely bike ride around town stopping at a park for Phoenix to play and watch the geese. Its amazing that he understands one is a goose and several are geese already. He is 2 mind you.

Friday night ended with us actually showing up to the family cook out first for a change. Most people tell us half hour to an hour ahead of time just so we get there at the actually intended time. I think our excuse of a new baby is running out lol. However we did beat everyone there by over 30 minutes!!! So there may have been motivation, SHRIMP!! I love love love shrimp. I bought an extra bag to throw on the grill just to make sure everyone would have enough. Swear I gained 4 pounds from that night. We had corned beef, beans, ,mac salad, dessert, beer and lots of shrimp!!! After stuffing ourselves to the max we chilled out with the family for a couple hours chatting and roughhousing with all the nephews.

Saturday was even better yet! Jason works weekends so its just Phoenix and I to fend of boredom. We decided a nice long bike ride around town would be a good way to tackle it plus a stop at the park again. I left my phone in the pull behind carrier so I wouldn’t break it anymore, screen is already cracked. But dammit I wish I would have had it in my pocket. They have a child/parent swing there like the example below. We were swinging and Phoenix just busted out in that deep straight from the bottom of the belly child laugh and I just about melted to pieces. It was pure happiness that only a child seems to have in this world anymore. See the source imageIn between laughing he was saying “I’m flying, I’m flying.” My face was starting to hurt from smiling and laughing so much. I got him to let his arms out like he was really flying and we kept at that for about 10 minutes before he abruptly said “all done.” Kids I tell ya. On our way home we stopped by to visit grandpa (my dad) at the bait shop he owns. Phoenix loves visiting him down there between the minnow tanks and the fact that grandpa always shows him monster truck videos. Well this time grandpa decided to show him a tin of waxies. Phoenix’s face when he finally picked up one and felt it wiggling around in his tiny little hand was priceless.

03171813221168780872.jpg 03171813211733268358.jpg

Grandpa even let Phoenix take the tin of waxies home. Trust me when I say they have been everywhere with him. They have been read books, ate supper with us, went for bike ride and shown to everyone who has come to the house.

Saturday afternoon was also gym day and the most dreaded day as it was HILL DAY. Ill let my face tell you how I felt at the end of workout.

0317181725501433158.jpg 0317181725a-165913412.jpg

Saturday night was spent chilling around the bonfire with some amazing friends. Shots at the bar next door, laughter, smacked with a tree branch and a hold my beer moment that left quite the bruise on my knee is how that night ended. It was night well deserved by all of us and we most definitely had one hell of a good time.


Getting to bed around 1 in the morning and being woke up around 630 by Phoenix you could say I was not quite ready to function but momming never quits so you do your best. I tried to get him to cuddle on the couch and maybe fall back asleep. You can guess the result of that. Not wanting to cook we ended up at a local restaurant for breakfast.


Getting home from breakfast is when things to decided to go to s**t show mode. Making the bed I feel something sharp on my foot, thinking it was just a pine needle drug in from the night before. I look down at my foot to see something shiny and silver sticking out of it. Not really knowing what it was at the moment mind starts playing psyche games on me by losing my stomach and falling to the ground. I relook at my foot and discover it’s a f’n sewing needle stuck in my damn foot. Are you kidding me right now?!?!!? Where the hell the needle came from we still don’t know. I try to pull it out and it wouldn’t budge on the first try. I’m pretty much almost fainting at this point and debating calling my dad to come pull it out. No time this thing needs to come out its just Phoenix and I home right now. Who by the way only wanted to kiss momma’s “owies”.  Very deep breath, hard yank and the needle came out. Surprise its all rusty.


The needle was so far in my foot I did not even know it was rusty. Can you tell how far up the rust is?? Yea that freaking needle was almost 3/4 in my f’n foot. Sorry for the language again but this is part my venting. Freaking out even more at this point now because I do not remember the last time I ever had a tetanus shot. Not knowing what to do or how to even think at the moment I call my parents to get calmed down. Obviously they both suggested calling the hospital. I call the local er, the nurse there says my last tetanus shot was in 2008 and suggested I come in and get one right away. Who in there right mind will pay er price for just a damn shot. Not this girl so I was going to wait for Monday to roll around and make an appt. for one but my mind would not settle down. I mean I literally just almost died this past August from an infection turned septic. I don’t know about you but I’m not taking chances anymore. I found a Mayo Express Care an hour and half from home that was open on a Sunday and gave tetanus shots for only $51. Looked at Phoenix and said I guess we doing a Sunday ROAD TRIP. Packed up the car thinking we could explore the area a little bit and make it all worth it. Getting to Eau Claire at about 2 right when the doctor went to lunch we had to wait around for a good 25 mins. If you ever tried to contain a toddler for that amount of time in a waiting room you understand why I threw that in there. Finally she comes back from lunch calls me in there looking in a funny way at Phoenix. She asked me if that was my son. Thinking in my head well yea I personally don’t tote around toddlers for the fun of it. I answered yes her next question was well did you get the pertussis shot while pregnant with him, yes I did. Well tetanus is included in that particular shot. So here I was totally fine and up to date on shots. Reason why the er nurse back in hometown could not find that is because apparently half my immunizations record ended up in the Iowa database. You seriously have got to be kidding me right now. Not only did I get a needle in my foot but drove all this way to find that out. I have never even been to a Iowa hospital let alone the damn state itself. I was so pissed I could only laugh. Of course all this would be my luck. She gave me ways to take care of my foot and asked what the rest of my day had in store. Well I told her how far we came and needed to stretch our legs and she pointed us to several different areas of urban hiking along the river, even a park named Phoenix Park. How perfect was that got directions and headed that way. Phoenix and I walked along the river for a bit crossing 2 different bridges. He walked most of the way but eventually got tired. I had carried the Kelty Pack knowing it would happen at some point. My foot did not hurt until putting him on my back apparently the extra weight was just to much pressure. So the trip up here wasn’t completely wasted as my eyes have been open to a whole new area of hiking, going to help out with the 52 week hike challenge. Below is pictures of our little walk around Phoenix Park and the ride home.



Needless to say my 10k training will be on hiatus for the next couple days. OOO and I wake up Monday to get ready for work to walk in on my cats with a mouse, a still live mouse. Mice are not my thing I think they are dirty and want nothing to do with them and I really had to piss. Of course my cats don’t want me to take their fun away so they run towards the bathroom with the still live mouse. I’m so over it that I just decided to let them finish off the mouse I mean either way its going to die and I not feeling it. So I go piss outside while they handle the little rodent.

So there is my lovely weekend in a not so short nutshell. I hope you all got a laugh or feel better about your misfortunes. Figured I would just share how things were going around here this past weekend.

Thanks for you interest.

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  1. I am laughing so hard tears are rolling out of my eyes and I do feel a lot better …… so mission accomplished 🙂 !!! I do hope that your foot will be good soon……… but you made the best of the situation and I thank so so much for sharing……this good laugh did make my day 🙂 As I always find we don’t say enough nice things ….. I have to tell you….your boy’s smile is like the sun going up…..but looking at you I know where he gets it from…… you are such a beautiful, strong woman 🙂 !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessica says:

      I’m glad my mission was accomplished. Making people laugh is huge joy in my life and I’m quite clumsy with enough blonde moments to make it happen often lol. Phoenix’s smile melts my heart every time. He sure knows how to work momma when he’s doing stuff he’s not suppose to, just crack that smile and I forget why I’m even mad. Thank you so much for those beyond kind words I really do wish people could spread more positivity. I have gave up watching the news or anything of the sort. I would like to be able to believe in humanity. Have a wonderful day and I truly hope things start coming together with the power company and for you guys to be able to move on. Love all the updates!!


  2. What a crazy weekend you had, but so entertaining for me to read…thanks for the laughs. Hope your foot is feeling better and that little man of yours is super adorable as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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