Camp Wisconsin: Titanic Canoe Rental…Canoe all day and stay night!!

You may be wondering why the heck is she writing about a canoe rental place when its suppose to be about camping, well for all sorts of reasons really. First and foremost have you heard of the Kickapoo River? Yea she’s a beauty with something to literally see around every corner especially with towering cliffs, wildflowers and the crazy people who make the river vibe. It’s a must to canoe, kayak or even tube. Known as the most crooked river in the world, one time down the river and you’ll understand why. When you hear someone say the landing’s just around the corner be prepared for 10 more. Now with everything good there has to be one downfall right?  Well the Kickapoo River is sort of the party river for our general area. Gorgeous weekends and holidays such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day can bring out all sorts of crazies. Something to remember there are 4 canoe rental places in one small area so the river can get very busy. If your looking for a river party go on any of those given holiday weekends. If your looking to admire the beauty of the river in peace and quiet I suggest going during the week if you can. Remember I need to tell the good and bad with each area and I don’t want this to scare you away at all from here because I’m dead serious when I say this is a gorgeous river. I wish I had footage to show you but I never trusted myself bringing my phone most of the time or been down it since I have purchased the go pro. Below are a couple snaps my friend got of Jason and I before we had Phoenix, enjoying a relaxing, sun bathing jaunt down the river. Only other bad note would be the condition of the river sometimes but mother nature has most control over that. Low river means more sandbars and pulling the canoe across some drag spots. High river means fast current and more caution needed. There may also be trees toppled over that hinder a smooth sail down, just makes for a more exciting challenge. All the rental places down there do their best to cooperate together with keeping the river as hazard free.


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You can find Titanic Canoe Rental in Ontario Wisconsin along with 3 other rental businesses. They make it pretty easy with keeping all of them in the same general area and right off Highway 131. Its safe to call this area the canoe capital of Wisconsin. On the sign greeting you to the town they call it the canoe capital of the Kickapoo. Googling canoe capital of the world I discovered its not to far away in Ely Minnesota. Just a fun fact to throw out there.

Titanic Canoe Rental has been around for as long as I can remember along with the others. Their rental rates are competitive — Canoes $35, Kayaks $25, and Tube $15.          Jason and I use to bring our own canoe and they charged a $10 fee for shuttling it, not bad at all. Their canoes have molded seats for comfort and are not aluminum like some of the other rental places down there. Aluminum canoe in the sun doesn’t make for much fun in my eyes as they heat up quite quick. No glass is allowed on the river.

THEY ONLY ACCEPT CASH OR CHECK FOR PAYMENT. NO DEBIT/CREDIT CARD!! There is a gas station in town with an ATM in case you forget. 

Now their shuttling service is just superb by allowing pets, all your gear/coolers and you chose your destination landing and they will pick you up. Shuttling service is included in prices above along with paddles and lifejackets. They help you with choosing a landing destination, when arriving you will see a big board behind where you pay that list’s the landings and how many hours it takes to get there on the river. They obviously go by casual canoeing pace and not racing like a bunch of banshees. Tubing takes even longer so plan accordingly. They have trips from a couple hours to several. Take in mind that there are a few sandbars along the way that a lot of people like ourselves always like to stop and either take a snack break or even bust out the portable grill and have a mini cookout.

Onto why this counts for Camp Wisconsin Series . Offering camping at $5 per person per night is not a bad deal at all. I mean come on who wants to drive all the way back home after a day on the river when you can just get shuttled back to where you started and stay for a low price. Not to mention majority of the people on the river are enjoying some sort of alcohol beverage mix that with the exhaustion of the sun, using more energy than you think paddling, probably not eating enough and you have cocktail for an OWI. So lets just pay the 5 per night and be safe about it.


Example of why we always camped 🙂


I’m not sure on the rules of campers/rvs as I have only saw tents here. Another plus they offer free firewood, its in one big pile and you use the wheelbarrows they also provide to bring it back to your area. There isn’t any real numbered sites just a general camping area with several fire rings spread out with picnic tables.

Side notes to keep in mind when choosing this beautiful area. Wildcat State Park is not even a 10 minute drive away, offering some scenic challenging hiking and camping. Kickapoo Valley Reserve visitor center is only about 15 minutes away and let me tell you the have a hiking option for just everyone with so many more activities to offer I suggest just checking in at the visitor center and see what’s going on.

If you have more question, concerns, or want to make reservations when they officially open which could be as soon April weather permitting  go to Titanic Canoe Rental .

Make a weekend of this one of kind spot in Wisconsin. Canoeing, camping and hiking all in one beyond scenic area.

Thank you all for your interest.

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$5 per person per night

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