Week 9: Levi Mound Trails….Bike Ramps and Jet Scare


I need to start off with I apologize about getting behind in my blogging. I knew with the weather turning beautiful that it would become a challenge to keep up. As I personally think I have a love affair with the outdoors and how the sun feels on my skin is priceless. Its like a high all on its own. So in other words yes I would rather be outside instead of on the computer. Training for the 10k at the end of April is taking up some time to. I do however promise to do my damn best to keep encouraging everyone and their families to get outdoors and adventure. Now onto our week 9 hike…….

Absolutely loved these trails and can not wait to go back up there and check out the rest of the area.  Highly, highly recommend these trails for hiking or if you’re into Mountain Biking!  I stumbled upon this area while researching when I  decided I was going to accomplish the 52 Week Hike Challenge. Extremely glad I had as they have over 34 miles of scenic hiking. Another fun fact “Levi’s Mound is the single largest trail system devoted to hiking in Clark County.” Clark County Website 

Levis Mound Trail Sign

Located near Neillsville Wisconsin, which was named Discover Wisconsin’s 2013 Choice Destination! Levi Mound Trails is located off highway 95 with two different parking spots one right off highway 95 and 2nd one off Fisher Road which is off 95 also. We went with the second one. Large parking lot with what looked like a fairly nice new building built.

levis funded building

I love learning about how and who funded such beautiful recreation areas. Hope everyone appreciates all the effort, planning and time that goes into these types of things, even a parking area. I help my dad plan out and put on an Ice Fishing Derby for his store and that gets extremely stressful. So please don’t take these things for granted. Also for the love of all things good please don’t vandalize the area or any area for that matter.

levis mound project

Levi prices
Prices for Levis Mound Activities and Camping 
trail maps and forms levis
Trails Maps and Registration Forms. I have never seen them in actually mailboxes before so had to share.
Bike Repair Spot
They even put in the effort of installing a small bike repair station. That’s thoughtful!!
for all you fattire lovers
For all you Fatbike enthusiasts!

Our hike started out on the Lower Glen trail that made way to the Lucy’s Loop trail. Not even 5 minutes into the hike a Jet come flying over and scared the s**t out of Phoenix and quite frankly Jason and I too. It was so low laying Phoenix was literally trying to cower into the Kelty pack. Growing up military helicopters and planes use to almost hit our tree tops but damn this jet was low and extremely loud. After getting Phoenix calmed down and good to go again we continued on hiking as if nothing happened but I was waiting for another one or two to make there way across, they never did though. We got on to Lucy’s Loop and started following it for a bit until we somehow managed to get off it and onto a groomed trail which we all know are not supposed to be walked on. Pretty sure the person before us did not quite know the right way either as we were following some tracks. We seriously couldn’t make sense of the Lucy loop trail or find it for that matter. We did discover several ramps and teeter totters that are for fat tiring/mountain biking. Jason had to make my heart jump again walking on those teeter totters with Phoenix on his back.

tetter totter

We eventually ended up on a groomed trail and walked it down to the entrance of Porky’s Point. I would love to know who comes up with trail names. Porky’s Point was pretty easy to follow and very eye pleasing. Watch my short 60 sec video for a full view of the trails and views. Porky’s point leads you uphill around beautiful gigantic rocks with small caves big enough for some animals to call it home, then eventually switchbacks to almost the beginning point, follows along groomed trail back into valley then out back to groomed trail again. After that homebound towards the parking lot. One feature about these trails that really stuck out to me are there rescue point markers. This is the first trail I have been on that presented such markers. I find it relieving.

Rescue point

animal cave

This is what I meant my small caves big enough for certain animals. Jason and I debated the animal I personally thought Porcupine but if anyone knows for certain or has a better guess or even better agrees with me so I can be all booyah to Jason lol. We are extremely competitive so its all alright.

peace .jpg

Shots like this are the reason I love the woods so dearly. My peace and comfort right here. Solitude, sun and nature. Another reason I love the woods so much is watching my son wonder at the world around him. His curiosity is contagious and lets me relive childhood.



Once we made it to the end of Porky’s Point trail the hike ended with Phoenix walking out with his very own walking stick that he is very much proud of.

phoenix walking stick .jpg

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of our hike.

Thanks again for all your interest.

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