Week 8: La Crosse County Public Land


Already 2 months into our 52 Week Hike Challenge and still going strong. Week 8 hike was a pretty short one being only about half mile total but still has to count. Our time for a good hike this week was cut short by several different ice storms that decided our area was the place to hit. To bad none of us own a pair of skates as our backyard was the ice skating rink. Our dog Trixie was definitely not a fan of this. Spring like weather has hit now as I’m writing this so let the flooding begin. Saying is if you don’t like the weather now in Wisconsin wait ten minutes.

We were in the La Crosse area for Phoenix’s 2 year check up and wanted to check out a spot we have always been curious about. What attracted us to this certain area was a big “lawn ornament” boat you could always see from the interstate. It sits right along the river so I figured it had to be on public land. Turns out I was a bit wrong on that part but nonetheless found a new fishing spot. All is won in our world. The lawn ornament boat actually sits on private land, whoever owns this spot has a pretty chill spot. As long as they can keep the bugs at bay.

This public land can be found on the road that winds around the backside of Woodmans grocery store, N Kinney Coulee Road. This is a dead end road you make it to the end you have gone to far lol (mom joke right there) Parking is located across from a small rock quarry looking area. Like I said this was a very short hike and when we went the trail was mud and ice but followed the La Crosse River the whole time. It low lying ground so probably pretty muddy after any rain or melting.

lax front 2
Entrance to River right next to parking area.


lax trail in the front
Those big rocks are the starting point, trail was all ice in the beginning.


lax front 3
Trail slowly got better.

Praising my waterproof Merrell hiking shoes at this point. Feet never got wet and stayed toasty the whole time. They do however like most shoes have no traction on ice whatsoever.

lax helicopter
Helicopter!! Phoenix loves when we get the chance to see these so close.


lax better trail
Best of the trail mud and ice wise.

Found a few strange things along the short walk. Clam shells along the trail and a box that I’m not quite sure what it was used for at one point.

lax clam shell -0001
La Crosser River clam shell.

Lax box

Our family picture did not turn out the way we always hope. Phoenix did have to get a shot at his appointment so I’m thinking he wasn’t to impressed with us to begin with going on this walk and being down by the river it dropped a few degrees. The look on his face says it all. Sorry Phoenix but you will appreciate all this as you get older. Some kids never even explore the outside with their parents. You on the other hand will never be inside with us.

lax family photo
Really ma not doing this right now look.

Tried for another one at the end of trail when we started going through colors of the sky, river and nature in general, still without much luck but Jason was looking pretty damn fine. That man can still give me butterflies!

Lax jason is hot
Nevermind our faces the one in the middle counts!

This was the end of trail so we turned around and made our way back to the car talking about our future summer trip up here to try out the fishing. Getting back to the car I had to get this disgusting imagine on camera. I’m going to be blogging about it soon with Spring time around the corner the snow melting away is going to show a gruesome imagine of what people do to mother nature, the very mother that houses all of us.

Lax disgusting

For the love of Jesus, what is this?? THIS PARKING AREA IS NOT A DUMPING GROUNDS PEOPLE. This makes my blood boil. How hard is it to take this the actual dump. Someone please tell me. People keep treating public lands like this then wonder why they get gated off or taken away.

Sorry to end on a sore note but this needs to get out there. People need to realize what they are doing and the impact it has on the beauty of nature and the animals who call it home.

Thank you all for your interest. Have a beautiful day and get outside.

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