Week 7: Black River State Forest

Week 7 of our 52 Week Hike Challenge!! After reliving our first backpacking trip with our toddler through all the pictures and videos for my Camp Wisconsin Series last week we decided to go back out and revisit the trails where it all happened at the Black River State Forest.

Was a pretty great day for hiking in February so we went with the Red Oak trail which is a wide 2.5 mile trail. We like when we can walk next to each other to help entertain Phoenix a bit more, still getting use to hiking during winter with a toddler.


We let Phoenix walk in the beginning for awhile. Thinking we were making some good distance until we come up on map showing we were only about a quarter mile in on the hike. Running out of daylight we got Phoenix strapped into the Kelty and started picking up the pace. Now picking up the pace is a bit hard on these trails because of the hills and not just going up but trying not to fall on your ass on the way down. We surprisingly didn’t fall on any of the hills.  The trail went half and half with being covered in snow and melted away showing the leaves of fall. As we were walking through we showed Phoenix footprints of coyotes and rabbits, birds in the sky along with a helicopter. We didn’t stop at the shelter this time around but its a good place to sit, take a break and eat. There is bench all around it with a picnic table and fire ring.

Making it back to parking lot with some daylight to spare we thought it was a perfect moment to make a family memory of snow angels in the parking lot. That’s where I got this more than perfect shot of my lil man! His smile seriously melts my heart. It was his birthday this past week he is now the big “2”!!




Onto week 8. I’m absolutely loving this hiking challenge. Now is the best time to start it yourself. Not only is hiking every week wonderful for your body and mind but exploring the area you live is always interesting. I’ve lived in this small town my entire life and I have discovered several new trails that I either didn’t know they were there or didn’t bother with because they were so close to home. Sounds strange but I think everyone knows the feeling of wanting to get out their town when adventuring.

Now get outside everyone, Spring is right around the corner.

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