Going outside? Lets talk Layers

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall layers can be your friend. For this blog we are focusing more on winter months. During winter months they can be your survival. BIG NOTE YOU CAN ALWAYS TAKE LAYERS OFF BUT YOU CANT PUT THEM ON IF YOU DONT HAVE THEM. I can not stress this enough, so even if you don’t wear them out the door bring them with as I will repeat a lot things can, do and will go wrong. Don’t be stuck somewhere wishing you would have.

Now to get layering down right you have to understand the basics that go with it. There are 3 different layers and every one of them play an important part.

  1. Base Layer- the closest layer to your body. This must be a sweat wicking material and fit properly (snug to your body). Think along the lines of active wear that you may wear to the gym. You want to keep all moisture off your body. Best types of fabric are Polyester, nylon, or merino wool.
  2. Mid Layer – the warmth layer. This layer is your insulation and should retain your body heat. Think fleece or down and insulated jackets/pant. Remember Down Insulated items are no good when wet though.
  3. Outer Layer- protecting you from the elements layer. This should be a jacket/pant that can protect you from rain, wind and snow. Snow pants for example.

Another BIG NOTE this goes for children too. I know some are thinking well that’s a given but way to many times I have witnessed a parent dressed better than their children. The younger they are the more important it is to help keep them dry and warm as they cant tell you weather they are cold or not.

Also remember to cover your head, hands and keep your feet warm and dry. I always wear merino wool socks with my waterproof Merrell hiking shoes. My feet have never been wet and stay extremely warm.

Hope you found this helpful.

Thank you for your interest and stay warm.

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