Week 6: NNWR again but making a new friend!

Week 6 of 52 Week Hike Challenge had Phoenix and I back at the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge again but with a new face. Phoenix was super shy at first but eventually warmed up even giving the nice lady behind the desk a big smile. I had met this amazingly interesting girl through work and decided to meet up for hike. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. We had wanted to try out snowshoeing as the NNWR offers FREE snowshoes but there was not enough snow for that so hiking it was. Before we began our hike we had to chose a trail which the gentleman there was more than happy to help with. He even said on his last adventure out he got to witness a wolf crossing one of the frozen lakes. Now that would be a sight to see.

We decided on the Visitor Center trail. A 1 mile trail split into two loops. Muskrat loop and Karner loop. After a few misguided steps we eventually got on the right track. This trail holds a lot of beauty walking on boardwalks with water to each side although frozen and snow covered at this time it was still gorgeous. In fact the NNWR says its one of the most beautiful hikes being that it combines such a variety of habitats. I had hiked this trail last year and could not believe the amount of different animals we saw from the birds, swans, butterflies, chipmunks, muskrats and even a beaver.

I’m sad to say though I did not get any pictures or footage of this hike for a couple different reasons. 1 being that we talked the whole time which was awesome I was very nervous I would stumble on words and have those dreaded awkward moments but nope none of that. 2 didn’t want to scare her away with what my boyfriend calls my camera crew lol aka the go pro. Even we are still uncomfortable at times filming ourselves I’m not about to do that to someone else.

Sorry so short and no pictures but making friends is very important in life. So I challenge whoever reads this today to talk to someone new. You never know what might come of it could be an inspirational story, you could be making their day just by talking to them or a lifelong friend who knows.  Let me know how it goes.

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Thank you all for your time and interest.

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