Grizzlies, ticks, lost…. Do you know what to do?

Has not knowing how to go about doing something kept you from said task? I understand completely if you have but have you ever felt that feeling of accomplishment after finally just figuring it out and doing said task? I feel this way about a lot of things in life for example this blog I felt like i was drowning trying to figure it all out, way in over my head. I said some few choice words now and then, stepped away from it for a few days came back with a clear mind and accomplished what I set out to do. Same goes with hiking if your not use to it. Some people think hiking is just a walk in the woods and your probably going well it kind of is. Most cases it really is but there are guidelines to being safe out there especially depending on the season, where your going and if your bringing children along. REMEMBER things can, do and will go wrong, I want you to be as prepared as you possibly can. Think of your worst fear in the woods, can you get yourself out of that situation?

momma bear and cubws
My top fear is encountering a Grizzly or Black Bear with Cubs. Both can be deadly.
GOPR0973 Bear Print
Fresh bear tracks from our last backpacking trip.

Do you know what to do if a snake, bug, tick or even bee sting happens? When I came down sick after my last backpacking trip from a tick bite the nurse said I was damn lucky to be where I was when I was. If we would have been on an extended trip and I turned septic on the trail with a day either way to get help, death was a good possibility as my kidneys and liver were shutting down even at the hospital with help.

Spent 4.5 days in the Hospital for tick bit turned septic.

What happens if you get lost? So many people rely strictly on technology that most have forgotten compass skills or even own a compass for that matter. Don’t care what your phone carrier says dead spots are everywhere. Cant rely on maps only either because a lot of trails are confusingly marked. We got lost at Devils Lake State Park once and ended up hiking over 8 hours with only a couple beers, some apples and no bug spray, luckily we did not have Phoenix then. Exactly how it happen I honestly don’t even know other than a wrong turn somewhere. All I know is I never want to be in that situation again, when I get hungry my anxiety level goes up which helps nothing, add Wisconsin herd of mosquitos on top of that and you have one shitty day of hiking.

Everyone knows that poison ivy is to not be touched but do you know what it looks like? Have you heard the saying cotton kills? Do you know how to layer properly for winter hiking?

Do you feel like your drowning yet? Not what I’m going for but I’m sure you’re getting the hint by now that a walk in the woods is seriously more than that. Mother Nature is top dog and she don’t discriminate. I want to help everyone with their worries or anything that holds them back from the outdoors. This blog was to help people realize that there is more to hiking than just putting some shoes on and hitting the woods. With that said Ill be releasing blogs every so often on hiking basics, this week will feature the basics to layering clothes for winter adventuring. Being cold and miserably is no way to go, so keep your eyes peeled for that and others to follow.

Remember to like Wandering Nirvana on Facebook and YouTube please to help keep me extra motivated on getting all this info out there. Between working full time, being a mom to an almost 2 year old and trying to hold a social life things get stressful and motivation anywhere in between is greatly appreciated.

Just want to add that I have been given a grand opportunity through my job to sit in on the DNR’s wilderness first aid class to absorb all the info I can. I will not be certified being I am not part of the class but still to have this chance to learn is amazing. My life is the woods and anything to keep my family and I even safer I’ll do it. You can take wilderness first aid or first responder courses through NOLS or REI but they are a pretty penny. Wilderness first responder course through REI was $750 plus lodging for the week you need to be there. So you can see why I’m overly excited to be given this opportunity.

Thank you all for your interest!!

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  1. Great post ! Living in the woods I totally get what you mean and can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be prepared …..not only in theory but practically! i like to get my basic skills (even, trapping, skinning, etc) from BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman)! Last time we had really experienced instructors who admitted even they can get lost in the woods. Don’t know if you’ve heard about BOW….in case your interested here’s the blog I wrote about that weekend
    Keep on your great and informative posts……you might help somebodies life !!
    Cheers from Nova Scotia


    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you! It is extremely important to be prepared. My boyfriend does a lot of trapping and I have learned so much over the past few years from him. I have never heard of BOW but definitely looking into that. I’ve been in the Wilderness Remote First Aid class the past 2 days and loving it. I’m learning a tremendous amount of info and skills to think outside the box and use the resources available. Thank you again for the kind words and support, very appreciated over here.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re so welcome! It’s just so nice to see someone interested in the same things and liking to be prepared
        As you’re from Wisconsin….Here’s the link your BOW area site
        Can’t imagine how much you’re learning during this wilderness class !! Definitely something I have on my to do list too
        Take care and best wishes !!!


      2. Jessica says:

        Oooo thank you!! I’m going to check that out!


      3. Jessica says:

        Thank you for directing me towards BOW. I spent some time on the website today and can not believe everything they offer even trips to Iceland just for women.


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